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Tweetingz everyone or perhaps I should say Greetings!
I am Steve Hill and welcome to my website.

I am from Torquay, England, and I provide a Twitter Management Service. I offer a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL where people can see if they like the way that I work, after which I charge a monthly fee of £185.

If you have any questions when reading through the content of the website, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What the Tweetingz Twitter Management Service can do for your business

Twitter management services enable you to outsource this area of your social media marketing campaign. You get to use our trusted expertise to market your business, without navigating this social media platform, guessing about what you’re doing in the hope that your campaign brings you results.

I take the guesswork out of the equation. You need the right approach to social media, or else your efforts are going to be in vain. I do things realistically by getting among the people on Twitter. I don’t automate your business through software that generates followers.

Followers on your Twitter account represent your business. If you have 2,000 followers and only a few people interacting, then it can leave a distasteful taste in the mouths of other Tweeters.

Twitter is a social platform. That requires you to be social with your followers, and likewise, your followers being social with you. That’s signified through the discussions taking place.

I ensure that your social presence has trust and that you’re socially active. I do this by interacting with your followers.

As a minimum, I send fourteen tweets per business day. These include tweets that have links to your business website, industry news and of course, the social side.

I do that by unfollowing the people who don’t follow back. I maintain a balance to the people we have. Anyone new landing on your page will immediately see that you have a balance of followers to following.

That’s vital to Twitter success, and it’s why I’m vigilant with every account I manage.

I’m confident in what I do for all of my clients, so much so that I invite you to work with me for one week, totally free, and see what the generated social signals can do for your business. After this free trial, I charge a monthly fee of £185.

Take advantage of the ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL.
Get in touch today.

Steve Hill
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