Why Who You Follow Should Be Different To Who Follows You

Why Who You Follow Should Be Different To Who Follows You

When you use social media for business purposes, you need to take a different approach to you’re likely used to.

For years, reciprocation has been happening, and if you’ve already begun to create social pages, there’s a chance you’ve reciprocated more than once. What happens when a company creates a page is they focus on attracting new followers. Then when the first few visitors decide to follow, they reciprocate by clicking follow on the follower’s profile, which is a big mistake you must avoid.

Your interests, as a business owner is much different from the customers/clients your aim is to attract. If you make the dreaded decision to click on just one of your followers profile to stay updated on their interests, your newsfeed will become cluttered.

If you’ve already put your business page on social sites, take the time to look at who you are following and have your mindset be one of the business owner, then consider if the people you are receiving updates from are providing updates that are of any interest to you.

The business to gain the most from social media will be the one that leads. Not the follower – the leader.

Lead not follow

To lead, you need to surround yourself with the successful. If you’ve read any books on leadership, you’ll be familiar with the phrase – surround yourself with like-minded people. In the real world, at least for start-ups, that’s easier said than done. You don’t just get invited to meet with successful peer groups or have meetings with leaders without having a name for yourself, and a solid reputation associated with it.

While you can’t exactly hook yourself into established groups of leaders offline, you can do that online. You only need to know who to follow and then use social media to do that.

Social Media Marketing Can Have Two Sides To It

The aim of putting your business out there into the world of social media is to establish an audience. To engage with them and do all you can to educate them on your business, any partners you have, your code of ethics (if you have them and if not, you should), and use the channel as the obvious loudspeaker you need to let your customers know about your products and services.

That’s something anyone who knows about your business can do for you too, so it is outsourceable.

What is not is how you get your own newsfeeds setup. Your personal newsfeeds will likely be influenced by your family, circle of friends, and possibly ghosts of the past too. In all likelihood, people who influence you on a personal level, but not so much at a self-development level.

The rule of keeping business separate from personal issues is something that not too many on social media are good at.

When you log into your own social media accounts, the best thing you should be seeing is a newsfeed dedicated to informing you of your industry, key events, upcoming seminars, influential speakers, bloggers and advisors to the influencers.

Every successful leader will be on social media so they are easy to find.

Have you ever read a book that taught you a few tricks? Look up the author and follow them.

Perhaps watched a recorded seminar on Youtube? Look up the speakers name and follow them.

The more influencers you have access to information from, the more you’ll be able to shape your personal newsfeeds to one of topics that will shape your mind into one of positivity, and perhaps teach you a few tricks from the pros to get more done in less time.

Marketing on social media is something anyone can do. Those who find that the time it takes is far too long for them to accomplish anything are often those who have personal and business intertwined.

Managing your business pages on social media can be done within an hour a day. Even if you have thousands of followers because there are tools you can use to combine all your channels into one neat dashboard instead of logging in and out of a few sites, which can then take you forever to get through.

When you work with your business pages, you should only be doing business related tasks, and not reading up on personal newsfeeds. Working hours are best spent productively. Self-development is something you can focus on outside of office hours. Separate the two by following your influencers in your industry through your personal profiles and leave your business to connect with your customers.

When the two are mixed is when you get near zero done. Separate them and you’ll get more completed in less time, and become more productive and actually start winning customers.

When you find yourself bogged down and putting too many hours into social media, or perhaps not seeing the results you ought to be for the time you invest, you may want to consider outsourcing your social media marketing. This can be done effectively, leaving you with the time to devote to following influencers, engaging with more people and building your personal network, whilst enhancing your personal reputation.

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