Why So Many New To Twitter Get It So Wrong

Why So Many New To Twitter Get It So Wrong

For those of you that are new to the Twittering frenzy, you can go wrong in so many ways, so it’s super important you understand the fundamentals of the platform to stand the best chance of leveraging it to your advantage.

Every company wants the real key to success with any social media platform when in reality there is none. At the core though, what you should be seeking is to understand the users of any broadcasting medium that you use to get your message out there.

It’s the same with television advertising, radio ads, newspaper ads, and digital media. Understand the audience first and you’ll get a far better return on any advertising investment, which does include the time you invest into implementing your marketing campaigns.

The foundations of Twitter

In the very early days of Twitter it was a side project. The idea came from a company called Odeo, which was to develop a platform where friends could send status updates.

That’s the same as what it’s used for now, only on a far grander scale than it was when it was first launched.

Users developed Twitter – Not developers

This is key to understanding how important Twitter followers are for your brand. The people using Twitter are the people who decide which way the platform grows. You never know what new features will come from this channel so it’s important to keep your knowledge up to date. At the very least, follow the updates coming from Twitter, which is easy using the hashtag Twitter.

The @ reply is one example of user led development. Twitter didn’t have that feature in the early days. Twitter users developed it, just like that @ reply you use for email. Over time, it began to trend, so Twitter integrated it into the platform.

They also developed an API that allowed other developers to work with the platform. One of the largest uses of the API was to launch a real time information search engine, just for Twitter. That was achieved by a company called Summize. They developed the Twitter search engine, Twitter liked the idea, acquired the company and that’s why you can now search Twitter and get real time results.

Everything is lightning fast, including how people are using it. There are hundreds of thousands of tweets going out every minute. It’s huge and because of that, it’s hard to get noticed and that’s a primary reason for many to get it all so wrong.

Thinking you can attract millions when there’s only a minority interested

While there’s so many uses for Twitter, there’s always only one thing to keep in mind.

Not everyone is interested in real time updates.

Those who are will be super engaged with your brand. They don’t follow your brand just to hear about your company. They want more information about you.

The most success comes to those who are information sharers. The news outlets of industries. You can reach only so many by attracting what’s known as your brand ambassadors, but you can reach so many more when you focus on leading the way.

By leading, we don’t mean leading as in being the cornerstone, like a BT of the telecoms industry size of corporation, but the small business that’s laser focused on developments.

Twitter users are all about developments.

They use it to keep their ears to the ground, so to speak, because it is real time information sharing through status updates.

That’s why every popular tweet has a link in it. It leads to more information.

To get the most out of using Twitter to bolster your marketing, set yourself up for success from the get go. The way you do that is simple. Follow, follow and follow some more.

Twitter Marketing Tips

Start with the leading players in your industry. See what they share, retweet them with your own opinion on what’s trending, and monitor your account activity.

Over time, you’ll see patterns emerge such as the tweets that get the most retweets, replies, mentions, and new followers. You’ll begin to understand your social metrics, which is the audience you’re attracting.

It’s an introduction to your brand and from there, people become more influenced by your brand.

Follow the influencers, get connected, and begin to influence the perception of your brand.

The users built twitter, they will build your following, and in turn will build your social authority online.

Remember always, it’s about the users and nothing to do with your marketing.

Perception is what influences your results.

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