The Social Media Tragedy of Facebook Linked In To Twitter

The Social Media Tragedy of Facebook Linked In To Twitter

Despite the title – This is not about the LinkedIn network. It’s about the account linking ability between Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t know, just take our word for it. Don’t do it!


It seems like the obvious option for a busy small business owner looking to save some time, but the consequences of this shortcut when you initiate the link accounts feature in Facebook will have disastrous consequences.


Here’s what happens when you link the two accounts together:


• You lose credibility


• You lose the ability to communicate with your target customers


• You annoy Twitter users with irresponsible marketing


• You look robotic


• You lose the ability to build fans of your business


The list could go on and on and… you get the picture. We don’t agree with it, so now let us explain the reasons why. It’s nothing to do with the fact we offer complete social media management services, but if you’d prefer that option, shoot us a line. Self-promotions aside, let’s get serious…


1. Business Perception


Your brand is your business identity across every social media platform. When you link the two accounts together, you are going to save time. But, consider this seriously for a moment.


How likely are you to log onto Twitter and actually communicate with potential customers, if you aren’t willing to take the time to write 140 characters for one unique tweet?


If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll say it’s unlikely. Expecting that people on Twitter, will communicate on Facebook. Believe it or not, but people on Twitter are not all on Facebook. Some are loyal to only that social network, whereas others use it because of its unique chat features.


2. Speaking of features


#Hashtags and @mentions used in Twitter communications do not work on Facebook. It’s a whole different ballgame. If you try to integrate Twitter chat features on Facebook updates, it just looks stupid, pure and simple. This is why people just do not do it. What would happen instead is the auto-robotic updates would be posted to Twitter and there’s a hugely missed conversational opportunity completely wiped out.


ensuring your marketing efforts stay professional


3. It looks downright unprofessional


Post a picture to Facebook and an auto tweet goes out – I just uploaded a photo on Facebook [link]


If you cared about Twitter, you’d have shared it there with a unique post.

That’s what followers on Twitter will view it as and they may well click unfollow.


4. It lacks the written word


Facebook posts have a 5000 character limit. You can spill your guts about your business there, but what shows up on Twitter is…[link]. A tiny snippet of information that tells people nothing other than to go to Facebook to see what your update is.


Instead, if you managed them separately, you would be able to convey a unique message that told people about your update and if it was extremely important, you could convey that in the tweet. You do not get that when the two accounts are linked together.


To manage the two accounts, you absolutely must manage them separately. Facebook and Twitter are worlds apart and if you try to treat the two platforms the same, you will lose potential customers, and fans, and do incredible damage to your brand reputation.


On a parting note, here’s a tweet from Dennis-Yu ( describing within the Twitter character limitations of what the big three social media platforms mean for your business.


“Facebook is about WHO; Google+ is about WHAT; Twitter is about WHEN”.


Combine all three and you will have a following of brand ambassadors, helping to build your online presence and expand your business reach.


If you need a hand with that – contact us here, or if you’re one of our thousands of followers ;) you can DM us @TMServiceUK.


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