Why Blogging Is So Important To Your Business

Why Blogging Is So Important To Your Business

There are some people that would have you believe that blogging has had its day; an outdated and overused tool that the world has moved on from.


Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, with some 175 thousand new blogs and 2.73 million blog updates being posted every day, blogging may very possibly be more important now than ever.


You may have heard it said that content is king, and the beauty of blogging is, that your content is always changing. It is fresh, providing no time for it to become stale and boring. Each blog post is a new opportunity to engage with your clients, both new and old alike.


With the explosion in the last few years of social media, blogging fills the void of finding content to share beautifully.


The power of blogging


So, with that in mind, how do you create the perfect blog post? Something that is engaging, informative, and most importantly, that people will want to share (thereby fulfilling one of the best forms of marketing – word of mouth).


• Keep it personal – Clients, whether existing or new, all want to know one thing. What is going on with your business, and how you can help them. Think about what trends are going on in your industry, and then blog about how you as a business address them.


• Make sure that all content is useful and easy to follow – If you mention other articles, websites, or advice in your blog then make sure that you add links to those resources. Don’t expect your readers to go looking for those things themselves, as they won’t or won’t want to have to. Make it user friendly and they are more likely to share your blog post with others.


• Use keywords – Relevant keywords, scattered throughout your blog, as this will help you to stay close to the top of search engine searches.


• Keep readers hooked – Interesting, insightful, humorous, and concise blog entries will be compelling to your reader, and will keep them coming back for more. You will get better at it as you go along, but if you don’t then think about sub-contracting this portion of your business out to someone who can write ‘top-notch’ content for you.


• Update often and keep it regular – Don’t be erratic with your posting. People get to know when and how often you are posting, and if your posts are good, then they will be disappointed when you don’t deliver. If you don’t provide them they will move on and find someone else who will. Likewise, don’t abandon your blog. There is nothing worse than looking on a website and seeing that their last blog entry was over a year ago. It doesn’t give a favourable impression. Once you start, commit to it.


• Consult with your peers – Before you start your blog, make sure that it is really for you. Chat with other contacts that you have who run a business blog. How has it added to their business? What sorts of blogs posts get the most response for them? Would they recommend using a blog as a marketing tool?


The most important thing when writing a blog is planning; schedule time in your diary to write your blogs. Don’t just leave it and then remember two months on that you haven’t updated your blog for a while.


Write things down as you see them so that you have an ongoing list of topics that you can use.


And remember, make it:


• Relevant


• Interesting


• Clear


• And Concise


Most importantly, have fun with it and let your personality, and that of your business shine through.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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