Using Twitter To Promote Your Business

Using Twitter To Promote Your Business

Twitter is a real time news feed and where there’s news there’s an engaged audience. The only problem you have is that the people you want to connect with are engaged in conversations elsewhere.

You need to get onto Twitter with a plan of attack to get your voice heard.

This is a platform where the audience is on the go. The majority of traffic are accessing their accounts through mobile handsets, as high as 80% of Twitter users are mobile. They have distractions around them everywhere, and that needs to be considered before you try to engage someone.

If you’re website isn’t responsive and you’re sending people to there, you’ll be causing frustration, and that will affect your growth on social media. Likewise, bombarding users timelines with irrelevant content that does nothing but absorbs their time for no reason will be annoying too.

Always be providing engaging tweets, or retweets to maintain engagement from your users. Maintain user engagement and your following will grow.

For that to happen follow these 5 rules to effectively promote your business on Twitter:

1. Use the Twitter timeline

There is a need for planning on Twitter. Marketing on a whim is a fast track to disgruntled prospects, and people clicking on the unfollow button.

The best rule for Twitter marketing is to plan ahead. The Twitter timeline as well as following the news will help you grow your marketing reach and be heard, amidst the noise. Twitter is essentially a real time news feed.

Plan ahead on what you’re going to be tweeting about, and tie in promotions to events wherever it’s appropriate.

2. Create your own social calendar

There are events happening every month of the year. Valentine coupons, Easter giveaways, summer half off sales, autumn clear outs, and Christmas bonanzas, can help you with your marketing events.

The calendar is your marketing plan to cash in on social media marketing using seasonal trends to provide your business news direct to your audience.

3. Follow the trending events and jump aboard

Take a leaf out of the Nescafe marketing approach for the Grand National event this year. #grandnational tag was used at approximately 7000 tweets/retweets per minute. According to UK Twitter Director @BruceDaisely.

That’s a lot of messages being relayed across the entire network.

Nescafe was one of the few businesses to use the biggest trending #tag name on Twitter on the day of the Grand National. They used the #grandnational tag to generate themselves an additional 500 retweets on the day, to market their Millicano drink.

That’s free marketing through national events. Want to target a different geographic region? Research the events taking place and find the biggest topic to join the conversation, and then use your Tweets to get in front of that audience.

4. Pay attention to news that is of interest to your customers and be quick to react

There’s no harm in joining the conversations of your competitors. Twitter is a network and there’s room for everyone to play nice. Consumers and business want to know what’s in it for them. If one of your competitors is running a promo and you aren’t, refer your customers.

The power of Twitter marketing

Reciprocation happens more than you may think, and you’ll earn the respect of consumers and clients by taking the non-self serving marketing approach. That’s the approach of leadership and staying on top of news and events that’s applicable to your followers.

5. Be ready to respond

The thing with Twitter being real time is that your followers are expecting a response pretty fast. Only multi-national organisation can allocate 24-hour manpower for customer services. You may not have the resources for that, but the estimated satisfactory response time is no more than 48 hours.

People know you’re busy with your business, but that won’t stop them broadcasting their problems across the social media, instead of calling your support line and waiting for a response.

Customer service issues do crop up on social media and it’s a major reflection to new customers and clients that reflects how you do business.

Therefore, you need to be on top of any issues fast, to maintain the respect of your customers. That will assist in building your customer base.

Using Twitter to promote your business does take planning, and it takes a great deal of care too. By using the tips above, will stand you in good stead, to see success from your social media marketing campaigns.

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