Freelance Copywriting Service

When it comes to web copy for your company website, it needs to do a few things for you. It must, first and foremost communicate with your target audience, exactly what your business can do for them.


That gets tricky for every business owner. You’re in business for a reason, and that’s because you know the value of your service to your clients.


Try communicating that to your target audience online though, and you can find yourself spending every day, measuring your web analytics, and tweaking content until your blue in the face with frustration.


It’s a lot different from putting words onto a promotional flyer or an ad in a national newspaper.


That’s formal…not digital.


Digital copy should be written, and formatted for a readers’ eye to quickly scan.


You have an average seven seconds to keep someone’s attention, or they will click the “x” button and leave your website to find another service.


Do you know why nearly every business owner has problems with web copy?


It’s because they’re too involved. There’s an emotional connection for the website investment to produce a return to the businesses bottom line.


Whether the purpose is to:


  • Generate leads
  • Increase direct sales
  • Or get that all important diary filled up with bookings


A business owner has an emotional attachment, and that can often come through in the web copy in a different way than intended.


You want to shout at people about your value to them. Let them know about discounts, and perhaps loyalty programs your company runs.


After all, some web designers can charge thousands for an aesthetically pleasing design. A business needs that investment to come back to them. It’s the whole purpose of taking your business online.


A profit to your business is not in your clients best interests. People visiting your website, have one thing on their mind.


What’s in it for me!


That’s what your web copy needs to get straight to, in an engaging way that makes people want to do business with you.


Here’s where our UK freelance copywriting service comes to the rescue


Using our copywriting service benefits your company in a couple of ways.

1) There’s distance from your business

Using a freelance copywriting service takes out the emotional attachment. The freelance copywriter does one thing for a living and they’re great at it. They write web content for businesses every working day.


Writer at work


To get the best, they have to get every detail of the business you do and then create content to reflect that in the best way possible.


That means they cut the fluff and get to the point, using powerfully engaging words that keep your web visitors from leaving.


They use their writing to get to the key message you need your target audience to know about your business.

2) They bring technical skills that you probably won’t know about

Freelance copywriters have a few areas of expertise when they create content for their clients. Some styles will get technical and confusing.


For readers to find your website online, they will either go through a search engine to find you, or it will be through social media.


For computer algorithms to know exactly what your service is about, the web copy needs to be optimised, for sophisticated algorithms to understand.


When it comes to this style of writing, get it wrong and while you will be noticed, you lose reader interest. It needs to be balanced between the two.


A general writer may know about optimisation, but a freelance copywriter will know how to integrate optimised writing, with a conversational tone.


You get the two styles of writing into the one page.


The best quality only afforded by a freelance copywriter


This is where you’re really afforded a quality not to be found anywhere in your current business.


You get web copy with perspective.


What does perspective mean in your web copy?


It’s all good to give your customers a bit of your company history. Some information on your company mission, but for the most value, your content is focused on the present.


Where you’re business is at right now.


Not past, not future, but what you can offer to customers right now as they’re reading your page.


You don’t want your web copy to be confusing your readers with a service that’s in the works, and coming soon.


You need to let them know, and they will want to know what you can do for them now.


An internal writer within your company can easily become clouded on what the company objectives are. What the past successes are etc.


A freelance copywriter doesn’t allow that information to cloud their writing style. The reader is at the forefront of the quality content being produced.


The sole aim of a freelance copywriter is to be a part of your company success. They will create the content that brings prospects to your site, engage with those visitors, and use their key skills to convert prospects into customers, or gain a valuable lead for your business.


If you have an online presence, or a website not converting the way you envisioned it… then it may just be your web copy that needs a tweak.


Working with someone outside of your organisation, brings someone in to revitalise your copy with a fresh sense of perspective, and a true knowledge of where your companies key benefits lie for your customers.


Someone who can use words to create an engaging and optimised page. That page will be a matchmaker page where customers and businesses come together.


The new relationship commences, because the content gained traction, engaged readers, and gained that all-important lead, or closed the sale.


It could be the best R.O.I you see in your bottom line.


I am Steve Hill and as well as web copy I offer a professional UK article writing service and blog writing service. I welcome you to read through the posts of the Tweetingz blog to see if you like the style of writing, and the quality, that I offer. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your requirements.


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