Tweeting Your Way To More Connections (Persuasive Influence At Its finest)

Tweeting Your Way To More Connections (Persuasive Influence At Its finest)

Dipping your toe into the world of Twitter is a smart move for any business owner. The not so smart way is to blindly tweet expecting to grow your bottom line.


The power of social media lies with creating connections. Connecting to the right people at the right time, and surprisingly, it’s not always going to be your target customers.

Social Connections

Often, your connections are your competitors, yet there’s a fine line between competing and collaborating. The best in any industry will be in-the-know about what’s current, what’s trending, and what’s so last century.


If you want to become the best, you need to make your online visibility show you’re the best. That’s where Twitter can be an almighty tool to position your brand as an authority online.


Connections are vital to survival online.


In a cyberspace where it’s easier to be anonymous than it is to create brand visibility, you must be authentic in your interactions. The use of hashtags makes that super simple to be effective. You do need balance though. If you’re a retailer, you don’t want to use #retail or #sale all the time. Share your opinions and even throw in the #butthatsjustme if it fits the purpose of your message.


Make your tweets connect you


If you aren’t connected to the right influencers, then your message can be going totally unnoticed and perhaps doing your brand more damage than good.


Think of any competitor of yours, look at their Twitter feed, and you’ll likely notice a common pattern. That is provided there is some form of influencer within your industry. There are many industries where there are no power influencers, and if that is the case, you could be onto a winning ticket with the right approach to your Twitter marketing.


The concept is simple and it’s to stop marketing. It’s to brush aside everything you know about peer to peer sales, and put your only focus on building loyalty and increasing your brand awareness. The simplest way to increase exposure of your brand is to connect with people, brush their egos and you’ll find networking becomes mouse clicking simple.


Every business owner, regardless the industry, believes their business is the best. Maybe not in price, service, or in comparison to others, but they will have a USP of some sort. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the business.


The same concept applies to your business. You have a USP of your own, but you do not want to hit the Twitter newsfeed up polluting it with your marketing message and diluting it in the process.


Instead, you want others to promote your influence, and that happens when you reach the powerful stage of Twitter networking like a pro! That happens when you put others before yourself.


3 Steps to Becoming a Twitter Networking Pro!


  1. Make sure your @replies are the most used tweets in your profile


This is the best metric to go by to show that you are engaging with an audience on Twitter. If you’re only ever tweeting and retweeting, without any mentions back, you have no clout. You need to up the ante on mentioning other users you want to engage with, and continue retweeting, with your own unique commentary on every share you tweet out.


The more you @mention usernames on Twitter, the more connections you make. The more connections/followers you have, the more people mention you and then you get the privilege of using the @reply and that is when you have a conversation going. Without the @reply in your marketing mix, you’re tweeting and nobody hears you.


  1. Twitter search should be your most used feature


There are a lot of tools for Twitter that utilise their API but none are more powerful than Twitters own search feature.


To put things into perspective, it’s very rare that you should feel the need to start a conversation. With so many users on Twitter, whatever you want to start a conversation about, plug it into the search and you’ll find there’s a conversation already started. It’s best to join existing conversations than it is to put your energy into starting one and then trying to gain traction to it.


Go where the people are. Search the topic, find the discussion, and join it.


  1. Spread your username far and wide


Just because you’re marketing online, should never mean it’s restricted to the internet. Every business card, letterhead, and marketing brochure your company has, include your handles on it. You can never have enough visibility.


By doing so, you’ll inadvertently force yourself to ensure that every tweet you send out is not a feeble attempt at gaining publicity. Instead it will always be to display your expertise, because there will be far too many people know about your profile and will be following to see what you’re tweeting about.


The more your username is out there, the more people know, like and follow you, and the more accountable for your actions on the network you will become.


Of course, getting traction is no easy feat by any measure. It takes time to see results and if you don’t have the time to devote to social media marketing, you can still get on the bandwagon through us. We can take care of your brand visibility, get your profiles into the streams of influencers, engage people, and gain momentum for your brand through our efficient social media management.


Give me (Steve Hill) a call, email, or DM and find out how I can be of service to you.


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