The Real Value Of Your Twitter Followers

The Real Value Of Your Twitter Followers

Investing in social media is the smart thing to do but if you invest wrongly, you’ll kill your efforts before you get a chance to get off the ground.

The power of influence through both Facebook and Twitter can be huge; the initial point when someone lands on your profile on either site, they will be influenced by the amount of people following you. That’s the primary driver of some business models who sell Twitter followers, and they claim to be operating ethically.

How’s that possible?

It is because they’ll sell followers who are inactive. That is not the same as fake accounts, and the ones who tell you they sell only active followers, aren’t able to live up to the expectations. You cannot control who follows you if you’re paying for the service.

People need to make the choice to follow you, because if that choice is made for them, you won’t have any value in your followers, or at the very least it’ll be diluted.

When you have something to say, you want to have an audience you can Tweet to who hears your message loud and clear.

This is where size does not matter.

You could have a following of a mere 300 hundred people, and it could outperform another account with over three thousand followers.

It’s the engagement of your followers that add the value.

Twitter users will follow people who aren’t afraid to say what they think and they don’t consistently use the platform as a sales tool. It’s fine to do promotions now and then but never all the time.

Interaction is crucial and that’s the reason services like this one exist. They are not there to inflate numbers, but to increase the popularity of your page, so that other real users have posts to interact with and increase followers naturally.

The key to making it on social media is to have a voice and share information relevant to your niche. Not just your business, but the entire industry. If you’ve a camera store, your audience is not only interested in your store. They’re interested in the product, and that’s the information you share.

You join the conversations by creating content for your business blog, sharing that URL via social media, and at least once every other day of the week that you haven’t posted to your blog, you share other snippets of information in less than 140 characters about what’s trending in your niche.

Social media real followers

That creates the story line and that initiates the conversation on Twitter. From there, your followers interact with you, and others get to see that happening and your following grows naturally.

Every profile starts with zero and it will grow with every Tweet you publish. The more you connect with people, the more exposure you get, and the more natural traction you gain.

Over time, you begin to develop a formidable presence and then you become a bigger player in the market, getting mentions and driving more traffic from the social media sites to your business website. All it takes is interaction and that’s not something you can get if you’re interacting with egg followers on Twitter.

Egg followers are accounts that the user hasn’t bothered to change the default image of an egg on Twitter, so the account is faceless. Those are the accounts with little to no user interaction. They are classified as inactive accounts.

If you were to buy Twitter followers, you’d be buying those egg accounts. When you buy a service to manage your social media, the focus is on creating conversations that encourage more people to click follow to naturally increase follower count, and dramatically increasing the amount of influence you and your business has through the following you generate.

Your Twitter followers are only valuable when they actually interact. If you can’t interact with your followers, it’s probably time to do an audit of your account and get rid of those rotten eggs that are only inflating your numbers, and making others dubious about your twitter etiquette.

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