The Burning Question: Is Social Media Marketing Worth Your Time?

The Burning Question: Is Social Media Marketing Worth Your Time?

There’s no doubt about it; social media marketing is a major time consumer. It’s the primary reason small businesses don’t leverage the power of it, and it’s something I was asked about during the week with a client.


I am in the process of building a new website for him, so during our meeting, I’d suggested about marketing his (soon to be) new website through social media, to which he asked…


Is social media marketing worth all the time and effort?


So I’m just going to put it out there for you all to get my take on whether it is or isn’t.


The bottom line is it depends on what your take on it is.


If you’re looking to get instant results, like a boost in your ranking in the SERPs, or for orders to come flying through the next morning then no. You’re in for bitter disappointment.


It’s a long term play and you need to be patient to see your social media marketing campaign work.


It could take months to generate business but it’s easier to close your sales because of the nature of it.


With every post and comment you put out there, you are promoting your brand name. You’re gaining exposure and that’s going to gain traction with time.


The more people you connect to, the more you can start the relationship building process, and that’s what brings the marketing power to business owners; the established relationship with the people following your business activities.


As I have said though, it’s a long term play.


I will confess, when I first started using social media marketing, it was for what I now believe to be the wrong reasons; to gain higher search engine visibility. It didn’t work at the outset, but what I did discover was that I love it.


The power of social media


I love the interaction and all the different conversations that take place, and I know it works because it’s where my clients find me, my content, my website, the services on offer, and the proven results that I’m seeing today.


I have those results because social media marketing is a part of my long-term marketing plan and I really do believe every business should have some part of social media marketing in their long-term business plan.


It’s the ultimate power for marketing via word of mouth:


• Creating connections


• Building rapport


• Turning your followers into new customers


It’s not going to happen over night; but I’ll tell you what else I believe will happen one day.


Search engine rankings will be affected by social signals.


If people are connecting, commenting, sharing, liking your posts why wouldn’t that be used in a search algorithm?


It might, it may not, but if you’re not there, you’ll not be getting the added advantage.


I say added advantage because I also believe that customers coming through social media are more qualified prospects than those landing on your site for the first time not knowing you, your business, the services, or anything about your company.


Social media marketing informs people of you; your company, products and services and they get to know the person behind them.


It’s definitely worth all the time and effort but you need to have the patience to see it through.


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