Taking Your Twitter Account Up A Notch For Maximum Impact

Taking Your Twitter Account Up A Notch For Maximum Impact

Ever thought you were wasting your time sharing stuff on Twitter?

You’re not the only one. When you aren’t gaining traction, traffic to your site, generating leads, or otherwise seeing no positive results from logging into yet another account… it’s time to up your game, change strategy and take an entirely new approach.

Twitter Marketing Strategies That Work

Here’s five ways you can use Twitter differently and experience more interaction:

1. Focus on small reach instead of critical mass

As any content distribution channel with access to multi-million strong connections, there’s no way you’ll ever reach the majority. So don’t even try.

Use your content promotions (your brands own content and others) to forge connections in whatever vertical you want to reach.

2. There are hundreds of verticals giving you a never ending marketing challenge

Twitter is a challenge.

What do you do with problems?

Break them down to bite-size chunks and tackle them strategically.

Let’s take the example of an accountancy practice.

What can an accountant do on Twitter?

Connect with other accountants and learn from each other is one way, but that’s not going to generate leads. What will is when you use it to forge your way into other verticals.

Want to get more leads from coffee shop owners? Share coffee related material, create and distribute content focused on addressing the accounting needs of coffee shop owners.

The same applies to anyone with a business.

A handyman can do the same as the rest and tackle the homeowner market, which is everyone on there, or, narrow the service to hotels, restaurants, private landlords etc.

Identify a segment, create content to target those within it and there will be some people interested.

Every time!

3. Connect with all the thought leaders

Take your account up a notch by expanding your knowledge base. Connect with leaders on social media, SEO, communications, technology, journalism – you name it, the professionals are in here. Use the lists feature to manage all your connections.

4. Take advantage of the major link flow

Twitter is the social platform most B2B businesses experience the majority of referral traffic from. That’s because of the demographic on it.

It’s where business minded people hang around and many have more to say than 140 characters allow. Instead, shares are minimal in character length with links used to drive traffic to where there’s more information on the topic – either your own content or others.

What does every business online want?


With a sizeable following, you’ll be able to provide that.

When you use tip #2 above to build connections across a number of verticals, there’s no reason why you can’t have a sizeable reach.

5. Breaking news constantly is your golden opportunity

Press is a major issue for every business. It’s costly to buy into but it needn’t be like that when you take advantage of Twitter.

Journalists here know they can drive traffic to their contributor pieces on a variety of media. To keep their content fresh, they always want new sources, but they want to be the ones choosing who their sources are.

When something breaks in the news in your industry, be fast to the platform and share your thoughts. Get your thoughts on the story published on your blog and then get that shared on Twitter.

You’ll generally find that when one media source runs a story, another one does, and so on. That goes on for about four hours. Or if it’s truly a subject that’s caught readers attention, it could go on for days, weeks, or lead into ongoing coverage.

That’s when you want the attention of journalists as they’ll want a scoop on a story that no other journalist has access to.

Free press does exist but you need to be fast to get in on the action.

Image courtesy of blog.socialms.com

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