Social Media Marketing Service Special Offer

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Social Media Marketing Service Special Offer


This is where we manage our clients Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts


We also write them a weekly blog post


Monthly fee £350


One Week Free Trial Available


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After browsing our website, you may have noticed that we’ve far outgrown the original Twitter Management Service that we offered at the outset. Since the inception of, Twitter was our main service, but as with everything online, you have to move with the times and both follow and frequent the places your target audience can be found.


That’s why a range of additional services have been introduced, but as with any change, comes confusion.


Growing from Twitter Marketing, to Facebook Marketing, Google+ Marketing, Content Creation, right through to Custom Web Design Services, it’s now time to take things up a notch to create the one all-inclusive managed for you marketing service. Note that this is focused on marketing, and does not include our web design service. You can contact us if you require that.


Introducing our Special Offer Monthly Package


Here’s the deal on what we have for you:


  • 1.     Twitter marketing – the original and most popular service on offer


This was where we started and it continues to be our most popular service. While social media changes, Twitter continues to thrive with a super charged active community loyal to the network. For those Twitter loyalists, it’s a family who are ultra engaged when the right approach is taken.


As we’ve been around the network for years, we believe that we speak the language of the Twitter family. We know the abbreviations, the tag lines, and the best words to use to encourage retweets, spreading your message, while sky rocketing your Twitter followers with real users.


For those who aren’t active, we actively unfollow those accounts, to ensure your account is always performing at its peak with no unnatural hints of fake accounts, guaranteeing only the best Twitter community appropriate for your social media marketing.


  • 2.     We manage your Facebook page too


No social media marketing campaign can be complete without an active presence on the king of social media platforms. Whether you run a local business, or a global organisation, Facebook is an absolute must to be found online.


In our experience, website owners who don’t have a presence in organic search with their original website, actually gain traction in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search, just by having a branded Facebook profile listed in organic search results.


It is an added bonus to our clients when that happens, and it’s only a side effect of what we do. Participation and real communication with Facebook users is what keeps your brand name in your fans notifications, leading to a memorable experience.


Gaining likes/followers on Facebook


Positivity is crucial on Facebook and that’s where we come in. Not all of your social sharing is centred on your business. That mistake is all too common and results on people ignoring the notifications appearing.


Our marketing is focused on top of the line user experience, delivering value to each of your fans, to ensure the best marketing incentive to your business.


  • 3.   Google+ management


For organic search, the largest provider is Google. They dominate and with good reason. They have the largest inventory of products and services, with not everything focused on servicing business owners.


Their latest and largest successful launch is that of Google+. Generating 50 million active and verified users, the network achieved what took Facebook four years to do, in only three months.


This is where you can tap into every type of consumer, consolidating all of your marketing efforts into one area, and really boost your organic search listings appearance with integrated user reviews, plus ones, and when combined with Google Authorship, you can have a photo listed right beside your listing which has been Proven to increase CTR by a minimum of 5%.


That’s results and certainly not something to be skipped in social media marketing, which is why we’re staying ahead of the rest, to deliver only the best of results to each of our clients.


  • 4.      We even custom create your content to ensure your marketing success


The more we communicate with your target audience on your behalf, the more we learn the needs of your customers and potential customers. That’s where we really put a stranglehold on fan engagement as we listen to what people are saying and deliver the content tailored to their needs.


Our data analysis from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, gives us the lowdown on what people want to see, and we deliver that through one blog post, published once a week, and shared to each of your fans on these three social media platforms.


We work to put your business on each of the top three social media platforms, and custom create the content tailored to the needs of your target audience, encouraging growth on each of your channels.


It’s the all in one, turnkey marketing solution for every business owner to gain traction online, through real user engagement, boosting your reach.


Therefore to recap this package includes the management of your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and the writing of four Blog Posts each month.


There is a monthly fee of £350 for this special offer package and at the outset I welcome you to have a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL.


We welcome you to contact us if this is of interest or if you have any questions.


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