Propel Your Marketing By Providing What People Really Want

Propel Your Marketing By Providing What People Really Want

Whether you’re a new business start up or have been in business for years, chances are your marketing efforts are lagging behind, and you’re at risk of your competitors brushing right past you, leaving you in the dust.


In business, there is only one thing guaranteed and that is change. You can count on things changing. Facebook algorithms updating, search algorithms updating, and marketing strategies consistently changing requiring your business to adapt to new ways to reach your target audience.


The one that will never change though is people. At the very heart of your business are your customers, and herein lies the problem.




When a prospect learns about your business, product, or service, they instantly distrust you. It’s instinct, and if you ignore that fact, no amount of marketing is ever going to work to propel your business and generate more revenue.


The bottom line is you need your customers to trust you. This is even more important if you’re blowing away your marketing budget to promote your products and services, and seeing nothing more than dismal returns on your investment.


The only way to encourage more of your followers across every social media channel to engage with and do business with your company is to understand them and feed their innermost desires.




Everyone craves information, and in this age of the digital tide online, there are millions of web pages for your prospects to go and feed their desire for knowledge.


Some will be viewing videos on YouTube, others will be frequenting blogs with a variety of information they love to soak up, while others would rather stop searching online when they find a trustworthy source and have their information delivered to their email in the form of a newsletter.


Everyone consumes information differently, but the one universal denominator is that everyone digests information in some format.


They seek it out because it’s human instinct. We all crave answers, and that is why “how to” information works so well in any type of marketing.


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When people learn a trick or two, they’re thrilled and the place where they learned that trick or two may have made no monetary gain in the first place, but the satisfaction from the prospect is more than any amount of advertising could have ever brought/bought them.


You cannot buy trust!


Gaining Trust Via Social Media Marketing


Trust is something your business cannot succeed without, so it’s imperative that you focus on building trust for your business. There’s a number of platforms out there for you to utilise, but you cannot be in all the right places at all the right times.


Something that seems to be ingrained in marketing materials is that you must advertise to people at the right time and using the right mediums to reach your prospects.


In an ideal world, you’d reach your customer when they’re at the end of the buying cycle. The stage when they are searching for your company brand to buy a product they need.


Reviews work great for this type of end of buying cycle reach, but they must be independent. It’s the only way for them to work, and when they do work, it’s because trust is gained.


Knowledge builds trust, and trust leads to sales.


Where are you in the trust cycle with your followers?


In every social media campaign, you have people across your channels following to gain valuable insight into your business. They do so because they value your market insight, and some may even just follow so they can get your latest discount coupons or information on any specials offers you have.


They still follow you though and that’s the important part. To keep people seeing your information, you need them hanging around with you. That is where social media comes to your aid.


The platforms give you a place to hang out with your prospects, and from there, you can feed their desire for knowledge. It doesn’t have to come from your company blog, although that is best, but sharing wisdom information from other trusted sources builds trust in your business.


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It’s that trust that will provoke people to place their trust in you.


Help your customers gain a profound knowledge base from your expert insight, and they will be encouraged to do business with you.


Go back to the basics of marketing; exchanging offers. You provide an offer to your customers; the customer takes you up on that offer and buys for you.


Your offer should not be your products or services, but rather expert knowledge, building consumer confidence in your business and you can reap the financial rewards later.


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