Private Networking Group For Facebook

Social media can take some time to implement and gain traction to increase exposure to your social media marketing campaign.


That’s why we also offer an in-house exclusive fast-track service through our private Facebook networking group.


With over 100 members at time of writing, (June 25th 2013), we’re in a position to open this service to new members. For anyone taking us up on our Facebook and Twitter management services, you’ll be automatically invited to enrol in our private group.


Of course, the choice is up to you. We know that not everyone wants to join a private group, but to help you decide if the option is right for you, here’s the low down on how the group works.


When you enrol you have instant access to like-minded business owners, people who know and understand the importance of gaining traction on social media.


Not solely on Facebook, but with the integration of Twitter messages too.


Upon enrolment, each member of our group submits their business page/s for Facebook and receives information about how the other members interact on Twitter via our hashtag.


Bi-monthly and monthly, we send out updated lists to every member to put the spotlight on our new members. Each member within the group has the opportunity to see what you’re business page is about, interact with you, like your pages, retweet your tweets, and if they feel that you have something special that captures their interest, they may even decide to follow you.


This isn’t going to be automatic updates and guaranteed subscribers, likes and retweets though. That’s not what our service is about. It’s about building connections and encouraging real user interaction on your social media presence.


If you have something special to share, our members will share them at their discretion.


You will receive updates on a regular basis on what’s happening within the group. You can check the pages out, like if you really do like them, or move on if you don’t.


The benefits of the private group will grow with the service. The more users we have, the more likes and social shares we can receive. The more traction we get with our group, the more exposure we gain for our customers.


All of our current members are socially active. Like us, they love the social nature of working online. Communicating with others and giving praise when praise is due, sharing the value to different social networks – fast tracking the momentum to the businesses that are putting the effort in and encouraging user engagement.


Of course, for customers using our Facebook and Twitter management services, you can be sure your campaigns are always going to be working for you. Our members enjoy the experience they have with us, and we extend that same courtesy to you.


Here’s what our community offers you


When you register to access the private group, we’ll add your business page to our current list of members’ pages.


Those pages are forwarded to all of the members as part of an updated members list normally every seven to ten days.


Within your first month alone, that first shout out is something that can help you gain likes, social shares, and comments on your posts.


Often with social media, the main problem lies with getting the momentum off the ground. With a shout out, you can find the ball gets rolling that much faster.


Your initial boost in likes can snowball your campaign by providing your Facebook page with that social proof of engagement. This has the power to bring you ongoing fans when new visitors finding your page, realise the true value of your participation with your followers.


You will receive this same list as other members. At no time are you under any obligation to like, share, fan, follow, tweet, retweet, or engage in any way with any of the member pages.


Simply like what you really do like.

Only like the pages you like!

  • • We Retweet for you


All members receive a hash tag upon registration. Members can use these in their tweets. As group administrators, and social media managers we monitor Twitter for these and retweet every tweet containing the hashtag provided to members.


  • • Inclusive of shoutouts


Have something you want to spread the buzz fast. We have you covered. Every member who has something to share with the world can simply email us of what they need announced “loudly,” in a way that is noticed and we’ll provide a free shoutout across Facebook.


The particular page used for shoutouts, currently has close to 1k likes as of June 25th 2013.


Of course with shoutouts usually being beneficial to users by offering something spectacular, those likes tend to increase rather fast.


Got something to share of value, trust us to spread the word.


  • • Referral scheme – MEMBER EXCLUSIVE


Referrals are a primary driving force for many a small business. We’re proud to offer this incentive within our Facebook private networking group.


It allows any member to offer others within the group discounts on services and products they own.


As an example, could offer every private member a 30% off coupon to offer anyone who wanted to revamp or create a unique web design for their business. (We do actually do web design as well as social media management). We could go beyond that and offer our private members an insider incentive of £100 for any referral they send to us, who go onto to purchase a custom website from us.


Your referral would benefit from a 30% discount, and you’d receive a £100 cash reward for referring business our way.

*Example only


All members have that same option to use and/or offer incentive referrals to boost your bottom line.


Any incentives offered are emailed to the rest of the group, so whenever there are specials to be had, you’ll know about it and be able to increase your return.


As the group grows, so too will the benefits of this exclusive to all members.


We have an open invite to anyone who is interested in joining our Private group, to subscribe for the first month for free, and get to know us better. Experience the benefits first hand. Get to know everything you need to know and network with us and/or the others in the group.


Every new member can subscribe free for the first month by clicking on the subscribe button below:

If you decide that it’s not for you, you can simply come back here, and unsubscribe (button below) within one month and you won’t be billed anything:



If it’s something you feel is right for your social media, your subscription will continue at £19.95 and will be billed monthly. This isn’t charged until the first day of your second month.


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