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Online, privacy is a major concern for us all. We want you to know that we have your privacy concerns covered. Right here on this page, we’re upfront with you about how we handle your privacy.


We want our customers to be completely comfortable doing business with us. That’s why we’re outlining everything you need to know about how your privacy is handled securely, during your visits, and interactions with us here at


The information contained below is our agreement that you and we abide by:


How we handle your personal identifiable information


As we are a business service, there are going to be certain parts of your personal information that we will require to carry out our services.


  • Your name
  • Website name
  • Company details


These will be required to fulfil the orders you place with us here.


To fulfil orders, we ask only for the vital information required by our company to meet the needs of your business. We are B2B business and do everything we can to help you succeed, but we do need some information about you to allow us to do that.


In order for us to be of assistance, there may be occasions when we conduct marketing endeavours enabling our company to expand our reach online.


In our lead generation campaigns, we aim to build a relationship with our prospects and show you what our services are all about and offer our assistance where appropriate.


We strive to get to know you, while you get to know us, and we built, grow and strengthen together. Your information helps us reach our company objectives.


Those details are submitted voluntarily and can be removed from our mailing list at anytime by either using the unsubscribe link in any of our mailings, or by contacting, with your request to have your details removed from our database.


We will collect data about how you visit our site


Sounds creepy but hold up. We don’t have access to your webcam to watch you and every key stroke you make.


What happens is that when you visit , we have web analytics tracking cookies operating.


This gives us the technical information about the operating systems our site visitors are using.


We need this information to help us optimise our website performance for use on the latest technology platforms. We all know those are forever changing.


By using data analysing web metrics, we can implement changes to our web design, for optimum use on all browsers.


If you arrive at and we see an issue that’s consistent with one platform, such as those visiting through a Blackberry device, then we will be able to reasonably conclude that there’s a technical site issue with that operating system. Therefore, we can get to work making changes to enhance your user experience.


That’s what’s referred to as non-identifiable information, and that’s the how and why of why we use it.


You can disable this on your browsing by blocking cookies but we do advise against it as it may reduce certain features on our website.


What’s that about cookies?


We use cookies to enhance user experience. The cookies we use are to assist with website maintenance and to improve our services to our customers.


Links are also provided within our website to third party sites. How these sites use cookies and store your personal data are not within our control. We adhere to protecting our users within our site, and cannot vouch for any third party website linked to within any part of our site.


What we do with all this data we collect about you


One thing we don’t do is sell your information. We can assure on that.


We do use it to help us help you and the following sets out how we do that.


  • We’ll be able to improve our customer service to you
  • We can properly address any support issues with browsers efficiently
  • We can tailor our information to topics most viewed on our blog by our readers
  • We get to know about our customers. The more we know about your interests, (which we can get a rough idea through the pages you view) lets us create more valuable content to help your business better
  • Certain search queries may be identified by our analytics which can guide us into additional service offerings to meet our customer demand
  • Customer feedback is valued and helps us implement improvements to better serve you


Certain data will be required for payment processing purposes. We always use trusted online payment gateways to ensure a secure encryption is used when sensitive information is required.


None of this information is ever sold to any third party and only used for our purposes internally. We’re selfish that way.


When changes happen, this happens:


At anytime, we do hold the rights to alter this page at any time. It is within our discretion. We do advise that all customers make themselves aware of our current privacy policy, prior to doing business with ourselves.


Due to the diverse nature of online security, there may be times when we need to intervene with enhanced security measures to protect the information of you…Our customer. Our responsibility!


We advise that you take the time to get to know what it is we do to protect you, and get familiar with our business terms.


Your agreement with us


Your continued visit with us here is deemed your acknowledgement and acceptance of our terms of service and privacy policy.


Should you have any concerns relating to your personal details, or your business relationship with us, you can reach us through our contact page here.