Making the Most of Twitter by Going Beyond Marketing

Making the Most of Twitter by Going Beyond Marketing

Concerns may be rising among the investor community involved with Twitter. 2016 was not the platforms best year with revenues down 22%. However, the active daily users on the platform have increased in the run up to the close of 2016, albeit of only 3.3%.

That being said, it is still an effective platform for businesses to get noticed. In fact, a dwindling user base could be a good thing from a business perspective. That’s because the users who are there daily are known as hardcore users. Power users of Twitter have a huge influence and reach across the platform. And with the recent announcement to the changes made to algorithms to account for conversation ranking and replies, power users will become even more powerful fans to have and therefore, perfect candidates to help your companies reach across the platform.

To ensure you create the most user-friendly experience for the users of Twitter, here are some pointers to stick to that will command your business the respect of the Twitter community.

Methods to Engage with Fans on Twitter

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    Hashtag etiquette


Good practice for hashtags is to use the relevant keywords most appropriate to your message, up to a maximum of two. Any more than two hashtags may be construed as over use, or even abuse as it’s the hashtags that help your tweets get found on the platform. Stick to a max of two, and you’ll benefit from getting more of your own message tweeted, rather than cutting what you have to say in order to fit in space for hashtags. The more you use, the less of an impact you’ll have.

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    Keep your tweets topically relevant to your company


Using Twitter for business is much different from using it for social purposes. There will be political conversations being had on the platform, which are conversations to keep your business away from as you run the risk of isolating certain parties. Avoid anything that could isolate potential customers/clients to your business. Everything you tweet, retweet and reply to should be topically relevant to your company and nothing that could pit potential spenders against you.

Ho To Make the Most of Twitter

People are active, and they are opinionated, which is why you need to be careful with what you tweet.

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    Encourage your customers to use your Twitter handle for customer service


Twitter isn’t just good for marketing your business. It’s even better for customer service, because it is live chat, updated in real time and is a lot easier than contacting a business by telephone. In fact, Twitter reports that the cost of a customer resolution is a quarter of the cost it would be if it were to be responded to via a call centre. That’s an impressive cost reduction for customer services issues so not only is it beneficial at driving leads your way, it’s also a good method to lower your operational costs.

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    Use it for relationship management


Relationships are essential to customer satisfaction. Part of the package you get with your free to use Twitter business handle is that you can include a deep link that lets your customers move onto Direct Messaging instantly, enabling the exchange of sensitive data such as order numbers for transaction queries, delivery updates, or any other query unsuitable to be visible publicly.

Right after any DMs between a business and the customer, survey questions can be used to measure the success of the customer service experience the customer had.

Feedback is critical to the success of any business and thankfully, Twitter is aware the majority of their business users are using the platform for customer care. That’s why they’ve a few neat features, including reporting of customer feedback metrics enabling companies to measure their success rates at customer resolutions. It’s more like a customer relationship management tool than anything, and it’s updated in real time, enabling faster resolution time.

When you combine the potential reach your marketing campaigns can have, with the increased customer retention rate due to higher levels of satisfaction, and the lower cost per resolution, it is clear cut that Twitter is most definitely still a platform that no company can afford to ignore.

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