Is Mark Traphagen A Google Fanboy?

Is Mark Traphagen A Google Fanboy?

Mark Traphagen, Mark Traphagen for all of those that may not have heard of him, was one of the early adopters of Google plus and is now seen as an authority of this social media platform or “layer”. Over the last few weeks there have been a large number of highly critical articles written about the future of Google plus, with some writers even claiming that it has been a failure. In my opinion the majority of these were written as a form of link bait and unfortunately the tactics have seemingly worked as even Mark gave a link to one such article in a follow up piece for MarketingLand. During these past number of weeks as the debate started in earnest as to the merits and future of “the plus” Mark has been accused of being a Google Fanboy – but is he?

To those that do believe he is

I am yet to hear or read Mark criticise Google in any way shape or form, although he is extremely active on Google plus and he may well have on a thread that I have not read. Every company, large or small, has faults and Google is no different. I have to say that I would prefer to see a more balanced approach but he has to say what he thinks and not what mere mortals like I think he should. In a nutshell if he can see no fault, he is not really in a position to criticise.

To those that do not believe he is a fanboy

I would have to agree!

Yes I do not like some of the approaches that Google is taking however I am more than aware it is their search engine and that they are free to choose their own guidelines. For one example however I do find it extremely frustrating to watch brands having their Google penalties removed after only one or two weeks whereas smaller businesses have to wait many months and even years. I am fully aware as to why – people expect to see these brands in the search results therefore it is in the best interests of Google to include them; but this does not ease the frustration. But these are my just opinions.

Mark probably does not have the same types of frustration.

When I first ventured onto Google plus and when I started to read up on its “best practices” Mark was one of the first people I came across. His articles that he wrote for and on other websites were very informative and well written. He became one of the first people I added to my circles and he was always more than happy to answer any questions that I had. This is one of the great aspects of Google plus, people are always so happy to help the newbies.

I personally believe that Mark is just extremely passionate about Google Plus and about its future. He has seen the benefits first hand and is a willing advocate and thought leader of the platform. I very much enjoy watching the hangouts that he has with Eric Enge (his boss) – they are very informative I would most certainly recommend you to circle them both as you will definitely learn a thing or two.

Steve Hill

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