Is Google Using Social Signals As A Ranking Factor In Their Algorithm?

Is Google Using Social Signals As A Ranking Factor In Their Algorithm?

We all dribble at the idea of having organic traffic come direct to your site via the Google search engine.


It’s only natural to love free advertising.


For a while, website owners have been toiling with the idea that social media is a part of the ranking algorithm, although tests indicate that it’s not.


Facebook and Twitter at least aren’t a ranking factor, however Google Plus is as the data is used for personalised search results.


Let me ask you though…


What’s your motivation for using social media?


a) To boost your website in organic search


b) To market your business


That’s important, because if you’re using social to boost organic search referrals from Google, you’re in it for the ALL the wrong reasons.


There are huge benefits to be had on all three major social media platforms.


For one thing, they let you promote your brand name.


They build your expertise in your niche area, establishing you as the authority figure, aka, subject matter expert (SME) and that builds your tribe.


The bigger a tribe you build, the more your brand name is promoted.


After a while, it’s not your website that gets searched for online, but it’s your name. With your name, the Google Authorship tool lets you connect your name between every single piece of content you publish online.


When someone runs a search for you, they can find you easily.


That’s authority right there.


You don’t even need as much clout as you may imagine either.


With every single contact in your social media following, you’ve the potential to reach even more.


Every one of your blog posts is potential for traffic. If your content is evergreen, as in it’s always relevant, you can share an old post with your followers and get it even more exposure.


With every share, there’s potential for traffic.


The more you share the more eyeballs you attract.


That opens you up to relationship marketing.


Relationship marketing


It’s the most powerful of all marketing methods, time tested and has continued to prove that it works.


What used to be limited to email marketing for relationship building is now done much faster than it’s ever been.


Raise your profile enough to be the SME in your field, and your reputation alone can be the persuasive motivator for someone to reach a buying decision.


When you have thousands of raving fans promoting your brand name, building your authority and doing your marketing for you, that’s when the search engines will have no other option but to take notice of you, and your online business.


Social media lets you prove that you really are the expert deserving of their coveted organic search coverage, trusting that they’re sending visitors to the best place they can online; your website.


They might not be interested in how many social shares you have or don’t have, but with comments being made, likes, tweets, plus ones, high time on site, with users clicking deeper into your site, the signals are certainly clear cut that your site is worthy of being trusted.


Social media marketing is working wonders today for businesses up and down the country however the real benefits will be seen in the future when search engines like Google really start to use the data / social signals in their algorithm. When is this likely to happen? This is a very difficult question to answer – but it will happen…


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