How The Pros Do It On Twitter

How The Pros Do It On Twitter

Did you know the average person on Twitter will Tweet 22 times in a day on average? For that reason, limit your own follower numbers or you’ll be inundated.

5 things to push your Twitter account further:

1. Personal bio

This does your selling for you. It only needs to sound professional. To get more impact, add in at least one cool word that sounds interesting, and an indicator to identify you with your niche area of expertise. Add an accomplishment you’re proud to share, a hobby you love and an interesting fact about you that’s not widely known. Finally, drop your website URL.

2. Twitter lists

It’s the only way you’re going to find interesting stuff in a pile of tweets that mostly, you couldn’t care less about.

Create lists for close business contacts, lists for social media stuff, lists for your industry etc.

In the age of digital information consumption, Twitter lists help you manage the content you consume. It’s for readership only though so don’t think you can use your lists to reach a certain group of people.

3. Replies tab

There’s no excuse for ignorance on Twitter. Consider this a rule for Twitter etiquette. Respond to every person. The only time you don’t need to respond is when someone retweets one of your tweets. Those you can ignore if you so wish. The exception is when an influencer retweets for you then you definitely want to follow up with a thank-you. In reality to thank everyone that retweets you would be the way to go if you have the time.

Twitter etiquette

4. Twitter Slang

This is how you build connections on Twitter.

• RT = ReTweet

• HT = Heard Through

• OH = OverHeard

To get meaningful followers on Twitter, forget the 140 character limit and as a rule, make yours lower. 100 characters in a tweet leaves others room to add comments in a ReTweet.

Twitterers love commenting.

Always leave room for others to add a quick comment, otherwise, they may want to ReTweet but decide not to because they can’t add in a comment relevant to their Twitter followers.

5. Schedulers

When the going gets tough and you can’t manage it all, bring in a scheduler. TweetDeck, Buffer App and Twuffer, which is like Buffer but only for Twitter. Those are just a few options to help you get more from Twitter.

In Conclusion

With a good Twitter bio, there’s no reason you should be struggling to attract followers and have your presence static. For those you do follow, your lists help you filter other people’s tweets into categories; helpful for time management.

Your replies tab should be the first thing you check each time you log into your account. People use Twitter because it’s fast so if you want to attract business from the platform ensure that you are fast in your responses.

Twitter slang is how people on Twitter have conversations. has what they call a Twerminology list. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘deets’, ‘bgd’ or ‘MTF’ it’s a good list to check out and maybe refer to. It’ll help you get more into your tweets.

There comes a point with social media when the time you spend is not worth the investment, in which case schedulers can be used to automate some your Twitter use, and help you gain analytics to get more out of your time there.

If schedulers aren’t what you’re after, then a completely hands off approach is to use a service or hire a social media manager in-house. The only thing you cannot do is ignore it.

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