How My Social Media Marketing Gamble Is Already Starting To Reap Rewards

How My Social Media Marketing Gamble Is Already Starting To Reap Rewards

In this blog post I will be relaying my positive experiences of running social media campaigns for my numerous websites, which I hope proves to be of inspiration to others that are doing the same but who at this stage may not be seeing the benefits.

My first business website went “live” on the internet in 2001 and I have had many more during the last thirteen years. In the past I would promote these websites by analysing the marketing methods and backlink profiles of my main competitors. This led me into the world of link building and for many years this strategy worked like a dream.

At the start of 2012 I noticed a huge change in the approach of Google, the major search engine. They started to issue manual and algorithmic penalties to websites that had un-natural links pointing to them and at this point I decided to have a rethink. I decided that I now had to stop analysing my competitors; they may well be doing well at the moment however this does not mean that they will be doing well in say six months time.

I thought what would I do if I were Google? Not so much in the next few months but more over the longer term. I wanted to market my websites in a completely no risk manner or as near to it as is possible. I came up with the conclusion that at some stage in the future social signals would form a major part of their algorithm and that to earn links rather than to “link build” was the way to go. I therefore decided to go down a blogging and social media marketing route as this would, or should, enable me to attract these all important one way natural links and would hopefully provide the websites with the social signals to enable them to gain high rankings in the organic search.

So yes at this stage I started to use social media solely as a way of potentially gaining high rankings in the future. I was very much prepared to wait for the rewards to come to fruition and as such was marketing for the long term. For me this was a kind of gamble as I had no real idea if this strategy would ever work.

Tweetingz social media marketing strategy

What I have found as a result, after running this strategy for just over two years, has somewhat amazed me – in a good way. The strategy has already started to pay dividends and the majority of the enquiries are coming via the social media platforms. This augurs well for the future as the benefits from “social signals” have yet to fully kick in (if they ever do).

Now people might say that this is happening because this website offers a social media management service and therefore this type of service is bound to be popular on the social media platforms, and they may well be correct. I do however run a number of websites and the same positive results have borne out with all of them.

The reason I have been amazed therefore is because I started the strategy in the hope that it would eventually enable me to gain business from the organic search results of Google. This has happened however I never really believed that I would be able to gain an even larger client base from the social media platforms themselves. This ultimately means that I am no longer solely reliant on Google which was never a good place to be. I have often been advised to “never have all of your eggs in one basket” and at long last I don’t!

The future is bright – the future is social media.

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