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Of all the ways to capture the attention of your target audience, one of the most influential is through social media. Up until quite recently, that market had been dominated by the power three:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


However Google have now shown their hand and what a hand it is.  Google+ is the newfound social platform to bring the completion to Facebook that Twitter and LinkedIn couldn’t do.


There’s no doubt about it that Facebook dominates the world of social media, but Google+ is now the second, after surpassing Twitter in the amount of pages created, just in its first six months of launch. That saw it boom with over a million business pages listed.




Because they have what every business needs their social media campaigns to do. Capture attention, engage an audience, and enhance the experience of search – tenfold.


That’s what Google+ is there for. It’s designed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to build connections.


Connections + Credibility + User Engagement – A recipe for marketing success!


It is the first platform of its kind to integrate live hangouts, allowing for face-to-face interaction with potential customers.


Of all the ways to find content online, Google is the number one search engine consumers turn to, when in need of a particular service or product.


The problem is that they have the largest database of internet files, and that creates millions of results. That needs to be narrowed, and Google+ brings that advantage to local business owners, as well as top name brands.


It all happens with personalisation. As much as the updates are ever changing in an evolving world of search, it’s social that’s paving the way.


A plus one is a vote of confidence to a website. It’s the new era of search and it’s also a method that’s probably partially incorporated into search as a measure to combat web spam – pushing top notch content to the top of the results page, and dropping the junk out.


One of the search engines largest problems arose when inbound links became far too easy to manipulate. It’s now social connections, ensuring the vote of trust is from a verified Google account, which is leading to improved search results, improved relevancy, and even more targeted and primed prospects that could be your next customer.


Separating the wheat from the chaff is what Google+ does best, and that’s by showing the most established and credible results to the end user searching for information.


The sophisticated nature of the account set up, makes it less likely for you to be plagued with fake accounts, created for the purposes of marketing.


Instead, the emphasis is on branding, a perfect solution to promote your brand name.


That’s only part of what you can get with Google+.


There’s also Google Authorship to integrate


Whatever image you set for your Google+ profile, is the picture that shows to the left hand side of the search results page. Let your prospects meet you before they become a customer.


A meeting before the meeting, as people can get to see the person behind the business. A sure-fire way to ensure your business website is not perceived to be static and instead one that can be trusted.


It creates that bigger area to really capture the attention of searchers, and put eyeballs onto the most credible result, even if you’re on the coveted number one spot.


Capturing people's attention


To get those types of results, you need a couple of components to get the wheels turning. The first of which is a good head shot for your Google+ profile, That’s the image that shows up to the left of your search results for potential clients to see.


To make that happen, you need to claim authorship, which is done by verifying you are the owner and creator of both your own website, and your Google+ page.


With those wheels in motion, you then need to add the button to your site for your visitors to plus one your content, and share with others.


When they do, you need to be there to manage your Google+ account. It’s not like Twitter where you simply do an under 140-character tweet reply.


Followers need to be organised into circles


It’s one of the advantages Google+ Marketing has to offer your business, the ability for segmentation through arranging your followers into circles.


One type of business that this would be great for is bar ownersthe reason being that circles can be segmented into male and female (or any other way beneficial to organising your social followers to suit your business). While karaoke is suitable for mixed gender, it’s unlikely that the lads will be interested in an Ann Summers party.


That’s where you have the targeted marketing advantage on the Google+ Platform.


Of course, the ultimate advantage would be to see your website skyrocket up the rankings, but while that’s the hype surrounding the social network, it’s yet to be proven it’s even a factor for the non-personalised search results. However with the introduction of the Google Hummingbird update many people now believe it is a matter of when, not if, it will happen.


What is for sure though is that the social shares in front of the millions of users on Google+ is a potentially lucrative platform where you can reach new customers, just through effective marketing, and promotional material.


Google+ gives you the advantage right off the bat of capturing attention, gaining credibility, and engaging with people who follow you.


That’s a recipe for faster conversions that no other marketing channel can rival.


When that marketing is completed, it’s time to get into the real nitty-gritty of social media marketing, and that’s to build relationships. Spark up conversations with your readers, or YouTube viewers, gauge their interests, monitor their shares, and re-posts, and really get to know what makes your target audience tick.


The ultimate advantage to your company, are the people who read your shares, leave their feedback, and even better when they click the link you provide, to take you up on your promotional offer, and increase the bottom line of your business.


All of that can be achieved with the right approach to Google+ Marketing as I have personally found – here is the link to my Personal Profile on Google+:


For those people/businesses that simply do not have the time to manage their own Google+ account I am here to help. As well as offering a Facebook Marketing Service and a Twitter Marketing Service, I also offer a Google+ Marketing Service where I basically manage everything on your behalf.


This Google+ marketing service is available for £135 per month and at the outset I welcome you have a One Week Free Trial so that you can see the way in which I run the account.


At the outset I always recommend that it is best to have a quick chat therefore if this service is of interest to you or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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