Generating Social Buzz And Traffic To Your Web Pages

Generating Social Buzz And Traffic To Your Web Pages

The importance of social media integration, from a business perspective is your return on investment. We ensure you’re always getting value from us, as we don’t just seek out active conversations to engage in.

We monitor the platforms for relevant and topical conversations of others that would be ideal prospects for your business.

Once we seek out those conversations, we’ll then engage with the discussion. Those discussions build relationships, and lead people back to your Twitter page.

From there, we use our working relationship with you, to divert targeted followers that we find for you, and then tweet your pages, and inner pages to get you targeted traffic to your website.

That’s where your return on investment is made.

To run a paid advertising campaign, you get limited space to advertise and you haven’t the relationship built up with prospects.

That’s where our Twitter management service benefits you tenfold. You get targeted followers, providing social proof on Twitter. You’ll also have retweets going out to build business relationships with other relevant tweeters, gaining your account traction, faster.

When you have a special to run for your customers, you can have it instantly there in front of the people who are already aware of your business.

That’s not only targeted traffic. You now have lead generation going to work for you. Our approach is to increase the number of followers you have, and then through our continued engagement, those followers become your prospects.

The hard work is done for you.

Generating leads to your business

This is where things get interesting as you can run a promotion, and extract prospects from Twitter, over to your own website and convert those followers into customers.

That’s the direct route to gain prospects.

The non-direct route is through the social buzz created. Twitter is a powerful platform that search providers’ trust, as a measure to weigh up a websites social presence, to determine the quality of the service.

The traffic you gain from social media can help push your site towards the top of search. That requires a strategy to promote your sites internal pages, as well as your main service or product pages.

The power of having a social media following

If you run a blog, you can tap instant traffic, and with a few buttons on your post, the people who come over to you, can easily share your content with an even wider audience, through Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, and/or social bookmarking platforms.

Your Twitter followers can act as a springboard for fast traffic generation.

By tying in your Twitter to your Facebook, you get the benefit of marketing on the two largest social media platforms and generate large followings.

Facebook is a massive boost to your business in itself, but by combining the Facebook service to the Twitter marketing service, you get the full benefit of social media working for you:

• Status updates

• Service announcements

• Group discussions

• Increased fans

• Likes

• Social shares

• Followers

• Traffic to your business pages

All of this is only possible when you target the right followers for your business. That can take time to find and then implement.

Social media marketing, using Facebook and Twitter is what we do every day. We know how to generate fans and followers and build relationships through social media.

All with complete marketing integrated into the process.

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