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Facebook Marketing Service


Monthly fee £135


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So many businesses try to integrate social media marketing into their online advertising campaigns. There’s only one problem in the approach though, and that’s that Facebook is not designed to drive sales to your business.


If you’re marketing on Facebook with a direct sales approach, you’re leaving money on the table. Money you could be making to reinvest in tapping Facebook for it’s true promotional value to business.


For one thing, you get the demographics of the people who visit and interact with your pages. The details of what people like, what pieces of your content is being shared, and how much interaction you have on your business page.


That’s key information for you to use. You can use that to tailor your marketing approach to the target demographics you’re already reaching.


The more value you offer to your existing fans, the higher word will spread. You need people talking about your business, and Facebook helps you do that.


Not by selling though, but through interaction.


Interaction is crucial for success with social media. People want to see there’s a personality behind the company logo. It inspires people to continue or start doing business with you.


Facebook is a branding platform


This is crucial to understand for your marketing on Facebook. Brandability is crucial in today’s competitive business world. The more you can keep your business in front of people, the more your business will be recognised.


To stay at the forefront of your fans, you will hit a problem. You’ll need to invest the time to retain visibility, or you will be buried beneath the Warburton ads, Coca-Cola feeds and every other company hogging the space in the news feed of your fans pages.


You aren’t the only business they’ll be interacting with, but fortunately, you have the advantage of being a small to medium sized business.


Small to medium sized businesses on Facebook are able to get more attention due to the personal nature of communication. A business in a local community is not part of the corporate news feeds that people ignore.


With that in mind, for your company to stay visible in that feed, you need consistent updates. You need to be seen communicating with your fans. That brings a high time investment onto your company, and for most SMBs, this is the falling stage where they can’t keep up.


Communication with your social media followers


The same happens with Twitter. The time investment is sometimes too steep to devote the necessary manpower to social media marketing.


What it takes for successful social media marketing


Time devotion mainly, as you need to respond to private messages, and maintain a visibility on the public feeds. That needs updates and in volume.


Here at tweetingz.co.uk we like to think that we are social media marketing specialists. By utilising the power suite of tools and understanding target demographics, we get to know about our clients’ demographics.


From that understanding, we’re then able to engage with people, through regular updates and keeping your news feed visible among your fans.


The most benefits we see come from the increased likes and social shares we receive. It increases the exposure on social media, and the best part for our clients, is that they have that all-important social proof.


Fans will fan pages with existing fans. Raving fans of even a couple of hundred, is enough social proof for someone else to join the fan group, provided they see there is interaction happening.


Because your updates show through their feeds to the majority of your fans’ friends, you need to be trusted. People need to be proud to do business with you. That pride comes through the time you devote to personalising the way you do business with customers.


The same goes with Twitter. To gather followers, you need to interact, maintain a personal touch, and respond to customers when any issues arise.


For marketing purposes, it comes through brand awareness and continued interaction.


The more you can interact, the higher exposure you get. Social media isn’t a selling platform. It’s where you get to reach customers who will grow your business. It’s all about interaction and putting your business name in front of the people you need.


Our Facebook Management Service is available for £135 per month and we offer a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL at the outset for you to see if you like the way in which we work. If you have any questions or to book your free trial we welcome you to contact us via e-mail: info@tweetingz.co.uk or via the telephone on 07967 549 070.


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