Establishing Blogging Connections And Scaling Social Influence

Establishing Blogging Connections And Scaling Social Influence

Business blogging requires you to focus on two areas. Search engines through optimisation, and social media through connections. At some point in the algorithm game, the two merge because studies do indicate that a higher social authority a business has; the more influence the website has on the SERPS; so based on that you need to be connected.


It’s no longer an option to connect to a server. You need your website connected to the world and that’s a lot easier than some businesses make it.


If you immerse yourself in the big data side of the internet, you’ll spend hours and days even analysing website analytical data, social media analytics, email analytics, conversion analytics, and all the good stuff that can help shape the future growth of your business.


However, it will only grow if you have the connections to grow your data.


Grow your data, grow your business!


That’s pretty much all there is to it but how you go about that can be transformational or devastating.


Take for example link building. It’s a hot topic: It always has been and always will be. If you go searching for that on Google, you will find surprising results. They devote an entire anti spam team to prevent websites manipulating page rank, and in turn search results.


Link manipulation is bad for business. It will get you temporary results, but it will also tank your SERPS making it impossible for future prospects to find your brand name with a simple Google search. Essentially, your shop doors are closed. It’s like having a store in a busy shopping centre and being told your lease has been revoked instantly and indefinitely.


With link manipulation out the window, the only thing that leaves you with is link attraction. You need to switch to content that attracts readership and encourages social shares. The more your content is shared, the more exposure you get, and the more of that, the higher the likelihood is that it reaches someone with a website.


Every site with readership needs a constant stream of content and ideas to run with; the more engaging your story is with your content, the better chance you have of someone else citing your material.


For every one successful page that turns up online, there will be tens if not hundreds more pages created by people with the power to update their own blogs and business websites. When they do, you want to be the company cited for the thought inspiring content.


That content doesn’t have to be on your website. You can solely use social media platforms intuitively just to get your brand page into discussion groups. But why would you? It’d be super silly to solely focus on social media sites. A Facebook page alone, sure… there are people there with flourishing business pages doing just fine, but is it worth the time input?


Probably not, unless their just fine with the way their business is now. If you want to scale, you need more educational content, mass distributed through social channels with the potential link attraction.


The more people you reach, the more links you can begin to attract – and you have the option of slipping in a lead capture box, which you cannot do using any other site outside of your control. So don’t be a dunce by exclusively focusing your content to social media.


They are only platforms for connection and content distribution outlets. To use them effectively, you need content. To get mileage out of it, you need to be connected to the leaders in your niche. If you have a few thousands followers to your Facebook page, and more thousands on Twitter, you have social clout.


Just remember that to influence, follow influencers. The only way they will find you is when you reach out and let them know you’re around. After you’ve followed someone’s page, don’t harass for the follow. To have any chance of receiving a follow back you need to be sharing inspiring content relevant to the key drivers in your niche, alongside a balance of consumer driven material.


Social media requires you to attract two types of following and that is a tricky balance to accomplish. You need to attract influencers with mass power to blast a server load of traffic to your website, and you need the consumers there to consume and share the information with more consumers.


You only need a handful of social influencers in your following to build the buzz with social media sites. Those influencers only follow those who maintain relevance to their industry and thankfully for you, that’s what Tweetingz do.


We create stellar content that consumers can immerse themselves in and leaders can be inspired from the words. Create the content for the customers, and share it via social media. With the right connections, the traffic can be phenomenal.


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