Build Authority And Trust To Your Brand By Using Google+

Build Authority And Trust To Your Brand By Using Google+

If there’s one thing that the Google platform does best, it’s falling in love with their products. Being the largest search provider in the world, they do a great job at linking the web together. They know their mission objective is to create a better search experience, and to do that they need they need your business connected.

That’s what the Google+ platform is there for.

To connect you to your target audience, allowing your business, your customers, and the Google search team to get to know everything there is to know about your business.

In return for your efforts, Google really does work to grow your exposure across the search results, giving you a medium to share your information across the web, setting you up as the leader in your niche, with enhanced results in organic search.

While not every business owner has a responsive web design, enabling customers to access your information from any device – Google+ does.

Every feature your business requires to succeed in the competitive online world can be done from right within your Google+ page for your business.

It establishes authority through trust building

Chances are to grow your reach online; you’ll be doing some form of marketing to reach your target audience.

That could be through:

• Video marketing

• Growing web 2.0 communities

• Your own business website

• … All combined with a variety of social media marketing platforms

The more you share, the more you grow with Google.

All the heavy lifting has already been done, and now all you have to do is connect through it.

That’s the easiest thing you can do with Google+, and so too can everyone else in your circles.

Everything you post, anywhere online, can and should be shared through Google+. When you do that, every person that has you in their circles can plus one, repost and share your content, helping your business to reach new and interested prospects, who could be your next customer.

For those with your own website, it’s the ultimate way to boost your SEO efforts, without focusing on any black hat link-building techniques. Real users get to vote for your content by clicking a plus one, giving it a thumbs up, as well as by spreading the message wider across the web.

When you do find your own business website ranking in the SERPs… that can be accompanied by everything you’ve used on your business page, to link together all your profiles online, giving you a premier looking listing, and in essence, to dominate for your business name.

Gaining trust online is essential

Only when you promote your brand name through your Google+ Business Page, can you achieve:

1. Your location displayed on the Google Maps

2. Real user reviews, displayed as a rating, where searchers can click to view what your existing customers are reporting

3. A click to call feature on your business page

4. All your contact details listed in one convenient place

5. As well as the enhanced listing for those using the Google authorship on your content across the web

6. With the robustness of a network that can be accessed from any device

All this is provided to help Google connect the best match search results for their users, and they can only meet that when business owners work along with them helping make their search the most relevant to their users, by getting to know your business.

All of the products Google has are all combined into the one social outlet, enabling for a superior search for everyone connected through Google, making sharing, connecting, and discussions push button simple.

Google knows how much research and development they’ve already done to ensure they have the most robust of technology to push local businesses to success online, and that’s why it’s so heavily pushed. Not just for business, but to consumers too. Rarely can a business succeed without access to consumers.

That’s why the Google+ network has so many features, making it the most diverse platform suitable for almost everyone, benefiting business owners massively.

All you have to do is tap into the power and reach the Google+ network offers.

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