Boost Business with Facebook and Twitter Integration

Boost Business with Facebook and Twitter Integration

For any business involved in social media, there’s one golden rule that cannot be broken. “It’s not all about you!” With that in mind, when you’re on social platforms, you’re presence is there to engage users through interaction. That takes time.

Fortunately, technology lets you seamlessly integrate Facebook and Twitter into your business relatively easy. What’s not so easy is keeping up with the time challenges involved.

Starting with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a completely new world for the inexperienced user. Using 140 characters requires you to pretty much learn a new language.


  • AFAIK – As far as I know
  • FOTD – Find of the day
  • ICYMI – In case you missed it – Good for scarcity and time sensitive promos
  • TFTT – Thanks for the tweet – e.g – TFTT @company who tweeted about you


With only 140 characters, you need to learn what regular tweeters use in the conversations they’re having with each other.

In terms of your presence on Twitter, you’re going to be involved in five different types of tweets.

You’ll have the response tweets, similar to the TFTT, where you’re responding with thanks for tweeting about you. Just out of courtesy and to show that you are real.

You’ll have the retweets of others who you are following where you assist your followers to get their messages heard amidst the noise.

BMs are your broadcast messages you put out to all your followers.

Your DMs are your “direct messages”. DMs are essential to building business relationships with followers on Twitter as the messages are directed over to their email inbox.

Then there are just mentions that help to raise your followers by tapping into already established groups on Twitter. When you hear of an event, you can tweet a message like: “Congrats @companyname CIO link to recent press release”

The mention tweets get you noticed on Twitter, as all about connecting your account with others in related fields.

Here’s the thing though. Tweeters will think nothing of it to contact a business on Twitter, with a shortened sentence of whatever their problem may be. You need to understand the messages being posted to you.

If you were to get a notification that someone posted a public problem to your time line, chances are you’d go in and try to address that. Perhaps redirect them to a help desk. If you don’t understand what the shortened questions are, because of abbreviations, you could wind up posting a public response and receive a reply of RTQ.

RTQ stands for “read the question”. So now you’d have a frustrated tweeter.

Oh the frustration!

That’s why it’s super important to know the language of Twitter to ensure proper communication with your followers, and avoiding misunderstandings.

It’s common on Twitter due to the character limit.

Facebook benefits with longer messages

When you use Facebook for marketing purposes, the key is consistency. Users have their news feeds bombarded constantly, mostly by companies with the resources to stay there. That can be achieved in one of two ways. Paying directly through sponsored ads, or by having full-time assistants manage their social media for them. They stay in the feeds.

They build a following, reward loyalty and gain brand recognition.

That takes consistency and consistency eats into your time.

If you take the time to implement things correctly though, devoting time to the platform, you can raise your customer base significantly.

Every new person who joins your Facebook group has your posts turn up on their feeds. They have the option to share that with people within their social network. That makes it super for getting a viral campaign underway, although that will take quite a bit of planning, and creativity for the best ways to engage your target audience on Facebook.

With no limits, you can post whatever you like to Facebook. As much as it takes to get your message heard, loud and clear by the people you need to see what you have to say.

You can also use it to post videos to your pages, engaging users even more.

Brand your business pages too.

Integrating the two largest social media platforms together for your ultimate social media marketing package

This is where things get really interesting. Search engines are paying attention to social signals. The majority of those come through Facebook, followed by Twitter. They are the two largest sites after all, serving billions of users every day. If you want to see your site achieve higher organic search visibility, you need to be visible in social media.

That’s because search providers have metrics to measure user activity on your website. If you’re sending traffic to your site, and people hang around, clicking links, posting comments, clicking your share buttons etc, you’re gaining more exposure.

The more exposure you receive, the more trust you build. Trust is the factor you need to succeed online, and that’s what’s established by real user interaction on social media platforms.

You build relationships with people. Those relationships gather all your prospects into groups. You can reach them all in the one broadcast, or you can direct message them.

You can poll people for customer satisfaction, invite people to open days, or even advertise a new vacancy you may have, to meet your increase in consumer demand.

You just need the time to not only implement the integration, but to understand the lingo used on both platforms, with the emphasis being on Twitter due to the character limitations.

On the topic of search, you may find this interesting.


The red line represents the pageviews for Facebook, with Google being the blue line below it. This was recorded 25th June 2013. Within the last quarter, the pattern is beginning to emerge. Social media is becoming the new wave for consumer information.

Search engines are focusing on social media and for good reason. That’s where people are online. They’re the social hubs where information is shared. Businesses need real people and they are on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook builds your consumer trust; Twitter builds your engagement and credibility. By integrating the two platforms, you get the best of both worlds for faster results.

This is where can help you take your business to the next level.

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