Web Design Service

As a freelance web designer in Birmingham, I know what it takes to make your company website stand out amidst the competition. That’s why we use one of the largest platforms to build your website on – WordPress. The largest and most authoritative Content Management System the internet has to offer.


For any business to be successful online, you need to have a distribution centre to get your content out to the world to see what you have to offer.


Whether you need a website for lead generation, or for direct sales, we can deliver a strategic web design, focused on your specific requirements. Regardless what service you have to offer, or product(s) you have to sell.


As a freelance web design service, the websites created are a direct reflection of the ability to understand client requirements.


You can find many a web designer with the capabilities to design something that could do what you need.


With us, there’s no “could” be about it. We take the time to listen to the needs of your business. There may be times when such demands would require different coding aspects, which would lower the speed of your website load time.


If that issue or anything alike were to arise, we’re on hand to advise too. We don’t just take instructions and run with them, creating a site that poorly performs.


We’ll take what you need your site to do; working with you, every step of the process to ensure your site does everything you need it to do.


The difference with us that is that we ensure your web design works for your business, and provides an excellent user experience to everyone who lands on your website.


The aesthetic design will be eye-catching and the site built out to be easily navigational. Whatever a visitor is looking for on your site, if you offer it…we’ll ensure your prospects can find out about it easily.


There’s no point in potential new customers finding you online, if they can’t find what you offer to be of value.


With us, your visitors will feel welcomed to do business with you. They’ll also be encouraged to do so with specific features that make the user experience as simplified as possible.


In the case where a list of loyal subscribers is one of your business objectives, you’re in the hands of an expert. Lead generation from your website is simple when you know where to place your opt in forms. For services, it’s best to be in the top fold of your site, to the left, the right or within the header.


Web design at Tweetingz.co.uk


For ecommerce, it’s different though as customers will need to insert their email anyway for order confirmation.


Ecommerce sites have lead generation integrated to the backend of the web design. Front-end visibility gives more options, and that’s not good when you’re focused on sales volume.


Services are often more difficult to sell, which is where our lead generation specialism can be of assistance.


Throughout Birmingham, web design could benefit many a business. There are some great storefronts up and down the high streets, as well as exceptional services found in areas such as the Gravelly Industrial Park.


Independent service firms too.


Whatever your business needs, a custom web design could be all you need to push your business to the next level, adding to your bottom line.


  • We know business
  • We know web design
  • We know Birmingham!


My name is Stephen Hill, a freelance web designer from Birmingham in England. If you require a new website or a makeover of your existing website get in touch and see what I can do for you.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net