3 Ways To Supercharge Your Twitter Conversions

3 Ways To Supercharge Your Twitter Conversions

With over 300 million active monthly users, with many of them business accounts, Twitter is a leading social media platform for marketers and sales teams to focus on for attracting new leads.

Don’t expect to drive direct sales from here because it will not work. To date, I’ve never landed a paying client directly from Tweeting but I’ve made countless contacts through engagement directly through Twitter… With people from all corners of the world, who’d never have known me or my business if it weren’t for Twitter.

Twitter tips and tricks

3 ways to supercharge your conversions on Twitter

1) Use copywriting craft

The number one rule in copywriting is to make your headlines strong. In terms of blog posts and web pages, the optimal character length for search engines to index fully is no more than 70 characters. You get twice that on Twitter so you aren’t as restricted.

The key to writing compelling headlines is to use more verbs and fewer nouns. To write attention-grabbing headlines that get noticed, the wording should be:

• Unique

• Specific

• Convey a sense of urgency

• Be useful to the reader

It’s challenging to get all four points covered in any headlines regardless of the increased character length you have on Twitter vs. search engines. Aim to cover at least two of the four points above though and you should experience higher activity from your tweets.

You can test this out with different headlines for any web page you share with your followers. It doesn’t have to be your own content. If you’ve got the right tools, you can also A/B split test some headlines to find out what one works best at engaging your followers by getting retweets, mentions or replies.

2) Push less and engage more

To strike a good balance of engagement, aim to increase your retweets, @replies and mentions across Twitter to increase your reach. Too many marketers focus on driving traffic off of Twitter rather than directly engaging with people on the platform, which significantly increases your credibility. If you aren’t engaging with your followers, you’re not having any impact.

Visual content is the fastest and most effective way to get your tweets noticed. Overdo it and your followers will become immune but for your brand identity and continuity in your marketing, it’s important to include some visual content.

Where engagement becomes an issue mostly is with sales and marketing teams who have a heavy schedule of outgoing tweets, many of them promotional in nature, and all aiming to impact sales directly. Direct sales don’t often happen on Twitter. If that’s what you’ve been doing, your conversions are suffering.

Instead, review your approach to content marketing, rather than using social media marketing as a standalone form. Offer your followers something to download such as a free guide, a brochure, whitepaper, or a case-study. Tweet that with clear instructions: “Click here to download”. Have the link take your followers to a landing page to capture the email address, and name of the person and you got yourself a new lead. It’s much easier to gain new leads and then move prospects through your sales funnel when you move them from Twitter to your company’s email campaigns.

3) Get your timing right

This one is critical and it’s something that you do need to investigate yourself. Plenty of studies have been done that tell us from 3am to 7am that social media is a dead zone so those times are best avoided. From 7am onwards, up to around lunchtime should be ideal times, but you can’t bombard peoples feeds by sharing every 20 minutes all morning.

Your account metrics will let you see what time others are seeing and interacting with your brand. Use your own metrics to determine what the best time is for your business to reach your followers and then use a scheduling app such as Buffer App, Hootsuite or any other of the trusted social media management tools.

If you can’t get your posts seen on the Twitter feeds of your followers, no amount of copywriting tricks or engagement hacks will increase your conversions.

The only way to improve your social media marketing is to use the right tools, for the right purpose and understand the science behind the tools which is to understand the human behaviour of the people following your business on social media.

Track, monitor, engage and review.

The more you know about your followers, the better a position you’ll be in to use the right mix of content marketing to engage people more and drive them from followers to engaged prospects you can then progress with through your sales funnel and turn them into customers, then eventually to brand ambassadors.

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