3 Ways To Be Sharper On Twitter (And Enjoy It More)

3 Ways To Be Sharper On Twitter (And Enjoy It More)

How To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Of the hundreds of millions of tweets being sent every day on Twitter, the majority are garbage. The vast majority of business users must not remember what Twitter was like back in the day, a time when conversations took place in real time. You know, like what it was built for, and why it became a huge hit?

There were real time conversations.

That means engagement.

Care to engage a little bit? Probably not, because that would mean spending a fair more time on the platform. Why spend time on something that may or may not prove useful when you can just automate the updating of multiple social media accounts from one dashboard?

That’s what the majority of businesses are doing, automating and then some.

If you’ve been putting off marketing your business via social media, thinking it’s all too busy to be noticed, you’ll be surprised the traction you can gain, and fast when you go about your business old school.

Software has its place, but not consistently. That’s fine to help you with content curation, but there’s just a few of the cogs that you need to turn to dial up your Twitter marketing campaign.

3 Ignored Ways to Boost Your Twitter Engagement Metrics

1) Be the conversation opener

This is where there’s a real opening on social media. It’s pretty easy to spot the automated accounts. There are few replies, few @mentions, and often no engagement at all on the user’s profile page.

That’s good news for you because it’s less noise. Those accounts are ignored and unless the businesses ignoring their own presence do something about it, they’d be as well not showing up at all.

Questions get the traction started. To get that happening faster, tap into the trending topics. It shows up on your home page to tell you what’s hot. That’s going to stay like that for a few hours, sometimes the entire day and if it’s an event, it could go on for longer.

Some creative use of the hashtag will get your tweets exposure. Just be sure to tie to the theme and not just hash-bomb a hashtag, if that makes sense. Make your tweet relevant to the conversations that are already taking place.

Take last month for example. An event for the US is National Video Games Day on September 12th. It happens every year. Zappos, a brand you’re likely familiar with, used the #NationalVideoGamesDay to tweet a question asking “What was your very first video game?”

Really, it’s that simple.

That’s a conversation opener, which resulted in people posting images of games from old computers like the Socrates and Atari consoles. Sort of like a throwback day.

It gave the company a chance to engage in conversation with people in real time. What it’s supposed to be used for. The caveat with this is you need to actually reply. There’s no point in opening a conversation if you only log in once a week for a half hour.

2) Consider allowing anyone to DM you

Twitter can be used for customer support. It’s been like that for a while, but for Direct Messages, only those who you followed could do that. Now, that’s changed, but you have to enable it in your settings.

To allow anyone to contact you privately…

Settings  Security and Privacy  Direct Messages and select receive Direct Messages from Anyone.

With that activated anyone with a Twitter account can private message and have one-on-one support with someone from your company.

If you do plan to do this, be timely with your responses. Fast replies that actually address someone by a person are the way to go and not an automated reply requesting they telephone for assistance or email. If you don’t have the resources to accommodate an additional channel for people to reach support, or ask questions in private chat, there’s no point enabling this feature.

3) Become a reputable referrer

This is where things get interesting, because while Twitter and any social media marketing for that matter is for engagement primarily, Twitter specifically is also one of the best referral machines you’ll get online. Any supplier you have that’s on Twitter, rate them publicly to recommend them and mention something good about them.

Referrals are much stronger than blatant promotions (which get ignored anyway) but the added bonus is that it’s a bit like the you follow me and I’ll follow you back thing that happens on Twitter.

When you’re seen to be recommending trustworthy companies or individual services, those people are more likely to return the favour and publicly recommend you. All the more reasons to have your settings set to allow for anyone to DM you, rather than only those you are following.

Twitter really can be used for lead generation. Do not confuse lead gen with direct sales. So long as you remember to concentrate on making contacts and friends, and not on the number of people following you, you’ll do just fine.

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