3 Things That Will Sky Rocket Your Social Media Following

3 Things That Will Sky Rocket Your Social Media Following

Social media for businesses can be real tricky, but that’s likely because you’re using the strategies just for business purposes. By its very nature, that becomes promotional activity and despite that being what you want to do, it’s never going to work if it’s all you do.


At the very core of social media is to be social. The amount of businesses that would otherwise do great, don’t because they don’t pay attention to the core purpose of the platforms.


They are there to provide a human element of your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an independent trader, or a global corporation. Someone needs to be at a computer, or using a mobile to access the platforms and share something. At the very least, input the data into a tool that automates the sharing of your posts at a time that’s convenient, and proven to be a time of high interaction and engagement with your fans and followers.


There are a number of tools that can help you do that, but they mean nothing if this is all that you are doing.


You need to be real to garner a following and doing these three things will prove beyond doubt that you are for real, and you are there to provide value that people will not want to miss out on. For that very reason, they will follow you.


As what we do is help local businesses, these work best for those:

1) Say thanks for real

You get a notification when someone starts following you, or retweets, or shares any of your content. If you choose to use tools for your social media campaigns, they can be set to send a thank you to the person who follows or shares.


Don’t be tempted because people are not fools. They know a generic thank you from a heartfelt thank you so make sure your thanks passes the test and receives a blessing.


This takes a two-prong approach to get right. The first thanks is a thanks for the share, follow or whatever it may be and along with that, take the time to look through their posts to get an understanding of the person who shared or followed you.


From that information, you’ll get a feel for what the person is about. Things like having their website listed, services offered, or charities they’re following. You can use that to compliment them or even better to engage them. Ask them how things are with their business; how the charity run went that they’ve been campaigning for, or whatever they’ve been doing on social media.


That gets people engaged right off the bat.


The second step is when you share a piece of content from their website, or a post they’ve shared previously. You don’t want to do this at stage one, because that’s reciprocity and everyone knows how that works. I’ll share yours if you share mine, so it’s not nearly as meaningful if the first share is accompanied by a thank you.


Thanks go for the first and the reciprocal share should be a surprise. When someone doesn’t get the share to begin with, there will be a bit of initial disappointment if that’s the reason they’ve shared your content. When that doesn’t happen the first time, it’s a surprise to them when they are notified of the share and that carries much more emotional meaning, leading to higher degree of engagement with that follower.


The majority of subsequent shares will be looked at and when you share a link, they’re more likely to click on it and follow through.


It’s crucial to get that engagement if you are to stand a chance of bringing traffic from social media platforms to your business website.


Treat every fan and follower personally right from the moment they begin to interact with you.

2) Be the weekend specials company

The weekends are no time to be promoting your business. Nor is it a time to let your social media campaigns slack.


People are bombarded with promotions at the weekend, and it’s usually from the companies they follow. Make this mistake, and you’re likely to be unfollowed.


People aren’t interested in business sales at the weekend. They’re interested in doing what they normally do.


Your audience will have different hobbies and activities. If you’re a dentist, your audience are families therefore any family events that are happening locally will be of interest. For photographers, they’d be interested in places with stunning views so they can bring along their camera equipment and immerse themselves in their hobby.


If you can find something of value, that’s what you share.


‘Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ #2for1 offer #whatareyoudoingtoday and the link to grab the offer.


For just £7, a couple could spend the day there. It beats sitting in the house in front of the TV wondering what to get up to.


And, for those that take you up on the offer, be sure to share the pictures they post on social media.


A simple Google search for offers + your area will yield plenty of results. The more often you research, the more likely it is you’ll develop a list of resources and before long, within a couple of clicks, you’ll have a new money saving offer for your local tribe to find out about through you:


  • Drinks promotions
  • Meals promotions
  • Cinema discounts
  • Fairs and exhibitions


Whatever’s happening, share it with your followers and better yet is if you can find a coupon to save money on it.

3) Be the Monday Motivator

If there’s one thing we can all unite on it’s the fact that we hate Mondays. It’s the dreaded day after a great weekend, when there’s a full five working days before the next one. Fridays are all about excitement, but Mondays can be a bore.


Not anymore!


Monday will be your busiest day for harnessing social media with just this one little trick.
Motivational quotes.


Ideally, you want to have 52 of these; one for every Monday morning of the year. They’re by far the most re-shared posts on social media. To make sure your posts get the re-shares, you just need to remember to tag them appropriately; #mondaymotivation #goodmorning etc.

Social Fan base

Put those tips to work for you and grow your social media fan base. The more people know about you, your business, and your shares, the more success you’ll have.


Of course, if you want to skimp on researching offers, engaging with your tribe and immersing in social media to grow your company, we’re here if you need us and will do all the heavy lifting for you.


Right now, we’ve a social media marketing special taking place and you can even give us a try for a week for FREE:


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