3 Things That Tell You Your Blog Posts Are Top Performers

3 Things That Tell You Your Blog Posts Are Top Performers

When you’re publishing content to your blog consistently, it’s easy to fall into the trap of second-guessing the quality you’re putting out there to your readers. If you have a following, you should have interaction. It’s the one tell tale sign you’re doing something right.

If you aren’t achieving that, then something’s wrong and it will need fixed.

The thing with blogs is they aren’t there for formal educational purposes. Their purpose is to provide value to the reader, engaging with them and showing your personality.

If someone is looking for formal information, they’ll go to Wikipedia. Or else, send them there. That’s not your audience. You won’t have fun publishing wiki articles to a blog. It’s formal writing, and for informational/educational purposes only. It does not contain the fun factor.

When’s the last time you visited Wikipedia, and had a chuckle at something that was written in a report? Okay maybe some of the stuff that just seems too common sense to publish but the point is that it doesn’t have a personal voice behind it.

Your blog posts must have that to create user engagement, and encourage social shares.

The lowdown on getting your blog post content brushed up

• Sprinkle your content with a personal touch

If you’re shy about being opinionated it’s time to give up the ghost. If you’re going to be holding back on your personal voice, your readers are going to be holding back on you.

To get results, you have to give a little. You do that by putting your opinions out there. Some of them may stir up controversy in your niche, others may provide inspiration, those “aha” moments for your readers. Sometimes an explanation just needs some wit behind it so that it’s memorable and understandable to the reader.

If you read a report and think, yeah good advice but it’s nowhere near as clear as it should be, write a blog post up and clear up the misconceptions.

When that’s published, use your reach on social media or your newsletter, and see…

• If you’re content is getting people talking

A blog is a community. If you’re comments are closed, you’re defeating the point of blogging. Static pages belong static and aren’t a blog post. Blog posts are there to encourage communication.

People can connect with you through social media, but your site is your home online. That’s where you gather your own community around you.

The power of blogging

When your readers are sifting through your content, then you should be getting comments left, and replying to those comments. Remember communication only works in a two-way set up. People open to you, and you do the same. Nobody wants to talk to themselves.

If they did, they’d probably be sent for a psychiatric assessment, so don’t leave your readers waiting in limbo, mumbling away to themselves as they await to see what you say in reply.

Engagement on your blog tells you that you’re engaging with your audience. If you aren’t getting comment love coming in, then scrutinise the content you have published and figure out if it really is a quality post.

Don’t score on a grading system of one to ten or something. It’s either quality or it’s not. Be brutally honest with yourself, as there is no in between. It either works for you or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t engage your readers, it’s not top notch.

• Top notch content attracts social shares

When you have comments on your blog posts, you know you have the engagement part down. That’s a plus, but it’s not the bees knees just yet as that post can do more for you.
It only takes a click for your readers to share that post. You can expect a small percentage of your readers to share your content, but remember that not everyone will have social accounts with friends that your post will be suited to. It may be of a personal interest and not something that runs in a particular social circle.

However, some of them should be, and if they aren’t getting any you can use your comments to start the ball rolling yourself. Go onto your social media and share more opinions.

Had this response from a reader earlier and it got me thinking…I never addressed that in full here. Never really thought about it until x person mentioned. I’ll update on you all on that later.

That’s the start of a new conversation off your blog too, and it’s the starting point to get more readers over to your blog to find out what the conversation is about.

It all adds up to more traffic, and user engagement, and it starts with the content you post to your blog. It should contain the above factors to get the most out of every post you publish.

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