3 Strategic Steps For Gaining Momentum On Twitter

3 Strategic Steps For Gaining Momentum On Twitter

Anyone new to Twitter needs to find their footing fast. Without a firm grounding and strategy in place, results will be few and far between.

To get the best from Twitter’s organic advertising reach, here’s three things to include in your Twitter marketing strategy to help you get there.

1 – Build awareness

When you’re on Twitter, forget everything about sales. You want to be focused on brand awareness. You won’t get followers and interaction if you don’t build awareness first, then focus on trust – and then conversions. When you reach the conversion stage, you’ll get better results moving to email subscribers, as that has a higher ROI.

The importance of increasing brand awareness on Twitter

2 – Find and use the right hashtags

For those just getting started on Twitter, I’d recommend you create a list of relevant hashtags to your business so you have direction for your tweets.

There’s a service called Twitonomy you can use for this. Sign in using your Twitter account. Before that, you need to find out who the influencers are in your niche. There’s always at least one. That’s the heavy hitter and it’s his or her handle you want to identify. Whatever hashtags they use to reach their target audience, Twitonomy will show you the ones they use most. Note those down to use when sharing related content.

When you’re starting, it’s difficult to know and be confident you’re hitting the relevancy factor on Twitter. You need momentum fast and the way to do that is to retweet the content using hashtag relevancy and tie it into who your target audience is on Twitter.

Retweeting without hashtag knowledge will keep your account stagnant for longer. Hashtag relevancy when retweeting gets you into the conversations that’s happening in real time. Get into those and you’ll get faster account growth (more followers).

Without followers, you’re communicating with Twitter, which is of no use. That’s only the platform. It’s the users on the platform you need to be reaching. Hashtag relevancy gets you there.

3 – Narrow your list of relevant hash tags

You can use a service called Hashtagify.me to find related hash tags. All you do is put in your broad term, such as B2B, which will then give you related tags such as PR, HR, Recruitment, Employment and Advertising etc.

That service isn’t just great at helping create a list of relevant hashtags, but for those new to blogging, it gives you relevant hash tags that you can then use for associated categories for your blog. It’s a great service for content planning.

Plug it into the RiteTag.com/optimizer and you’ll get the – as the wrongly spelled domain name puts it – the right tag for your tweets.

Just as you can optimise your website for the right search phrases people use to find you on search engines, you can do the same with tags. The only difference being that with Rite Tag, it gives you a competition indicator, colour coded using a traffic light system. Red indicates overused hash tags, which mean they’re really hard to be found by other users, whereas green hash tags are found easier resulting in more exposure.

Use #2 and #3 for achieving #1 – brand awareness. You’ll find you’ll get faster and better results when you use the right hash tags, with relevancy to build your brand awareness on Twitter.

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