3 Of The Best Twitter CTR Boosters

3 Of The Best Twitter CTR Boosters

There’s no shortage of social media advice online. With Twitter, it’s like everyone with a handle has expert advice.

There’s a lot to sift through and I’ve went to the trouble of doing that for you.

I’m keeping it brief because we’ve all a lot to get done.

How to boost your Twitter CTR

Here’s 3 power tips for you to put to use and start getting a higher CTR on Twitter

1) Say it in 8 words and between 120 to 130 characters.

Give that one a try with your next few shares. It doesn’t have to be your content, nor should it be. Just experiment with really epic content and see how your engagement level increases.

The best copywriters are headline experts.

When you’re sharing epic content, you’ll want to leave the title as is. Unless it’s too long and you feel you can shorten it to hit the sweet spot while still doing the content justice.

One other tip I’ll throw in is to experiment with your own titles. If you’re doing your own writing, experiment with different titles on Twitter, then the one with the highest engagement is the one to replace your onsite title.

There’s no point in leaving your title optimised for SEO these days as a huge factor in rankings is your social metrics and your ability to stick readers to your copy. If you don’t know, that’s indicated by your bounce rate. That’s why you should be hyperlinking around your site, which is interlinking to related copy you have available.

The longer every visitor sticks to your site; the more search engines know your producing quality content. Ugh, just writing that Quality Content phrase turns my stomach. It’s been used to death.

2) Exclamation points – Triple them

Goes against logic this one, but remember Twitter is a casual and conversational platform so the rules of grammar don’t apply on here.

An eight-word title, between 120 and 127 characters, followed by three exclamation points gets people’s attention. They will want to know why the strong emphasis is there. So they’ll click to find out.

It’s curiosity which is always a no-brainer when you want higher CTRs. Only use this one on social media though. Never in your email copy as it’s intrusive.

3) Use a superlative followed by a verb

For those unfamiliar with writing lingo, let’s get you clued on some copy hacks.

A superlative is a word that describes something as being the best.

Examples of superlatives are:

• Magnificent

• Tremendous

• Epic

• Best

• Remarkable

• Flawless

The verb is the tricky part to pull off but it’s well worth your effort.

Quick English class reminder: a verb is an action word.

Examples are:

• Customise

• Clobber

• Defeat

• Dominate

Put those three together and you can create effective tweets like this:

3 Remarkable Power Tips to Dominate Twitter Effortlessly!!! Crush it with these #copywriting #conversions hacks via @TMServiceUK

With spaces, it’s right on the sweet spot of 130 characters.

Image courtesy of crea.io.

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