3 Ideas To Ensure Your Twitter Account Continues Working For Your Business

3 Ideas To Ensure Your Twitter Account Continues Working For Your Business

There’s only one way you can fail with Twitter and that’s to not use it all. Other than that, you can pretty much wing your way around the social network with just a bit of good old-fashioned manners.


No hashtag spamming, or piggybacking on other peoples events based hashtags. The sort of the stuff that gets peoples eyebrows raised and not in the good way.


A good way to tell if your wall is getting a bit stale and in need of some reviving, is to scroll through your content. If you find yourself yawning then you know it is time to make some changes!


There’s so much happening in the global platform of Twitter, it’s next to impossible to get bored.


Unless you really hate your line of work because the majority of tweets and retweets you’ll be reading and the links shared will be business related to your line of work.


Social Media Marketing tips and tricks


This is the place where professional connections are made, nurtured, and grown to pro connections you can count on. Facebook is the friendly version of social media, but Twitter is in a league of its own in business terms. It’s right up there alongside LinkedIn without the corporate feel to it.


It’s just business people connecting together online in a social setting.


How to get the most out of Twitter for Business Purposes


1) Less hashtags, more of your own characters


In a tweet, you only have 140 characters to work with. Hashtags are used in every tweet to link your update to a topic and enable people to find it in search. As a general rule of thumb, you should not need to use any more than three hashtags.


If you use more than that, have a think about how appropriate your choices are. Chances are with four or more, you’ll have a hashtag that’s veering off topic.


Delete it and use your character limits to personalise your update.


2) Always give credit


The majority of people on Twitter are interested in one thing; getting more followers. Retweets help them do that and they help you do the same.


When you flick through your newsfeed, click on links and find them compelling that you want to share, always credit the handle that tweeted it first.


Without giving credit to someone else, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.


You follow the link, tweet it out to your followers and that’s it. If you’re only just starting, you’re likely to have less than 100 people there. The person who originally shared the content is likely to have more. When retweeting content, always use the retweet feature to credit the original person. They’ll be alerted and that will spur them to follow you.


Don’t overuse this to get an A-lister’s attention though because that will backfire. There is nothing worse than a power user feeling targeted on Twitter. Use their handles sparingly and do not go overboard to the point of almost stalking. There’s a right and a wrong way to get someone’s attention. Share enough and personalise the retweet to get noticed, but not so much to peeve anyone off.


3) Liven your profile with multimedia


You do not have to invest in graphic designers and videographers to take advantage of multimedia marketing. In fact, you’re not marketing at all. You’re leveraging the material for networking purposes. There’s plenty of content on Youtube and infographics databases that you can find and share. You know… what Twitter is for. Sharing and connecting.


Take this infographic for example: http://infographiclist.com/2014/12/23/twitter-xmas-shopping/


It’s from last Christmas and one of the facts stated is “70% say they would follow a brand if they knew they would get special promotions”.


Your tweet could be:


Wow! To the 70% of brand followers last Xmas, what discounts did you get and who’s best to follow? #xmasdeal OR #xmasjunk? [Link]


Btw, if you know any brands that give Twitter discounts, let me know in the comments. I might try that myself to cut the Christmas bill. Genuine only though – No spamming allowed!








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