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Affordable Facebook Marketing Service

Try our One Week Free Trial to see whether you like the way we work.

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Private Networking Group For Facebook

We offer a One Month Free Trial for you to see whether the group is beneficial to you.

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UK Freelance Copywriting Service

I am a UK SEO Article Writer. I write Articles, Blog Posts and Content for the pages of websites.

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Birmingham Freelance Web Designer

If you are looking for a UK Freelance Web Designer we welcome you to contact us.

Tweetingz everyone or perhaps I should say Greetings! I am Steve Hill and welcome to my website.
I am from Birmingham in the UK and I provide a Twitter Marketing Service. I offer a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL where people are able to see if they like the way that I work after which I charge a monthly fee of £135.

I offer a number of other UK Social Media Marketing Services which you can read about on some of the other main pages of this website, these include a Google Plus Marketing Service and a Facebook Marketing Service. I also provide a Freelance Copywriting Service, a Freelance Web Design Service and I also run a Private Networking Group for Facebook.

I have a Special Offer where I manage the Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and write four blog posts a month, for my clients for a monthly fee of £350.

If you have any questions when reading through the content of the site please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

What The Tweetingz Twitter Marketing Service Can Do For Your Business

Twitter management services enable you to outsource this area of your social media marketing campaign. You get to use our trusted expertise to market your business, without navigating social media platforms, guessing about what you’re doing in the hope that your campaign brings you results.

We take the guesswork out the equation, through our complete Twitter Marketing Service.

You need the right approach to social media, or else your efforts are going to be in vain. We do things realistically by getting among the people on Twitter. We don’t automate our business through software that generates followers.

Followers on your Twitter account represent your business. If you have 2,000 followers and only a few people interacting, then it can leave a distasteful taste in the mouths of other Tweeters.

Twitter is a social platform.

That requires you to be social with your followers, and likewise, you’re followers being social with you.

That’s signified through the discussions taking place.

We ensure that your social presence has trust that you’re socially active.

We do that by unfollowing the people who don’t follow back. We maintain a balance to the people we have. Anyone new landing on your page, will immediately see that you’ve a balance of followers to following.

That’s vital to Twitter success and it’s why we’re vigilant with every account we manage.

We’re confident in what we do for all our clients. In fact, so much that we invite you to work with us for one week, totally free and see what the generated social signals can do for your business. After this free trial we charge a monthly fee of £135.

To take advantage of our FREE ONE WEEK TWITTER MARKETING TRIAL or to discuss any of our other social media marketing services we welcome you to contact us either by e-mail to info@tweetingz.co.uk or via the telephone on 07967 549 070.